Most Fugly Interior of All Time


Cool, The Black Hole. Perfect for the Oakland Raider fan…


How about this one? Will Chinese pricing strategy save the day???


Well only the kitchen is fugly. The rest is fine. Sorry @sfdragonboy no prize for you!


Why would you do this intentionally???




Why am I not shocked this hasn’t sold yet? I actually went to the open house and it’s just as outrageous as the pics…good neighborhood though.


how much for renovating it & what’d be the sale price?


hahaha, I actually like it. Not the lavender paint though.


When is the fire?


Man still on the market and still doing open houses. I guess no one liked this “designer showcase!”


the house seem to have good bones. What would it take to fix it? The house is relatively large compared to recent sales with similar price range.


Interior at least, might go over well for some folks in the Fab 7x7, say in the Mission or Noe Valley but Millbrae I don’t think so (typically families with kids).


What? This kind of interior will bomb even more in SF. City folks usually have better tastes.


Some artsy fartsy folks or millennials might like it…


We have a new contender!! The ship bed nails it!


That kitchen could use a stripper pole to really finish it off right…


Right. This house really has a brothel feel to it.


How can you tell? :slight_smile:


Just a lucky guess. :smile:


It pretty much has to be one in order to pay that mortgage. That property tax bill would be even more ugly if that is possible…