Most Fugly Interior of All Time


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you, the most FUGLY interior design of ALL TIME.


I MEAN, COME THE FUCKING ON!! What the hell is going on here???


Wow, will you take my cash offer now???


Even the backyard is shitty:


Someone obviously was visiting the nearest weed store too much…


But it’s in Millbrae! Ain’t Millbrae supposed to be boring? I kinda expect to find some kinky dungeons in the house.


Aaah, scoping out Millbrae eh??? Gave up on Bayview???


My tentacles are all over Bay Area. Well, except CC county, the domain of @wuqijun.


I’ve given up for now as I am rehabbing the Oakland unit that I bought the tenant out from. Well, not me per se yet (contractor) and I am in freaking jury duty as of today.


I’m the overlord of CC county… bwhahahahaha…


“designer showcase” must mean custom designed for acquired taste. Add this to the other list of RE terms.

cozy = small
charming = old
character = even older
vintage = extremely old and never updated
pre-renovated = tear down
updated = new paint
up-and-coming neighborhood = ghetto


I’ll never forget the kitchen I saw in one Los Altos home. The realtor said that it was the guest/party home of a wealthy family who lived in the adjacent lot.


Seems a perfect kitchen for kids


Your Millbrae home def takes the cake for Most Fugly Interior, but what was the owner doing with the choice of countertop in this grand Pac Heights beauty? Come on, who uses Martin Yan (Granite Expo quality) granite tops in a home like this???


Yan Can’t Cook is a fraud.


Don’t complain about a home you can’t afford… :wink:


these tiles gave me seizures.


Fine, but maybe, just maybe the pathetic countertop used has something to do with the ONE MILLION DOLLAR haircut??? People, especially at this price level, certainly expect a lot and Martin Yan quality countertops ain’t gonna cut it…


Yes you might be right… it does have good views from its Windows… :laughing:


Oh I don’t know. A windowless bathroom done in black and silver that I once saw was worse. Felt like an execution chamber. I wanted to get out of there before Zyclon B started dropping from the ceiling.