Most innovative countries based on the number of patents issued per capita

Are there alternative ways to measure? Can’t use market success because it entails more than innovative ideas e.g. go-to-market strategy, domestic market, leadership, $$$, etc.

None of the BRICs :crazy_face: Two of the four little dragons, Singapore and HK :scream: couldn’t make it to top 10.


Surprised to see Taiwan as Number 1. I think the first step is to screen out the low quality patents, i.e. patents that few people cited. If you asked me this question before showing me the list, I’d have said Israel, USA and Korea being the top 3. The only surprise to me is Taiwan being No.1, although I would have expected it to be in the Top 10. Britain not in Top 10 is also surprising.

As to why SG and HK not making the cut, both are cities known for their financial services. Big money is made in financial sector and nobody bothers with nitty gritty innovation.

Very funny. Anyhoo, long ago techies don’t have much prospects in Singapore, their pay are far below those in financial services and the admin service. However, I notice Singapore begins to pay attention to AI and tech startups. Any Singaporeans taking PhD get paid a salary :slight_smile: no need to pay for PhD and no string attached. Also, there is a rising private equity $$$ for tech startups.

Heard of Jensen Huang and Lisa Su? Jerry Yang, Jack Yuan, Eva Chen, Steven Chen, Kevin Lin and Min H. Kao?

All the nationalists and capitalists minded people fled to Taiwan after Communists took over mainland China in 1949. So, I am not surprised if Taiwan is listed up. It is all about the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

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