Most Likely Not A Traditional Asian Buyer

I don’t care how nice the house is, I can’t have an address number like that…

Out of curiosity what are the address numbers that are bad luck? Would 104 be considered unlucky?

The address is 24. In Cantonese, translates to “easily dying”, not exactly good luck…

Again, take this stuff with a grain of salt. Believe me, if this house were priced 15% below market every freaking chinese person would be buying irregardless… (granted, to quickly flip not live in) :wink:

Well, according to this site, 104 is not too good I am afraid. Again, see comment above about “grain of salt”…

I don’t make this stuff up. Why do you see so many sales prices (listing or sold) with a bunch of 8s in there? Some crazy chinese person wants to start off on the “right” foot… don’t blame them

Flip side: if you want a Chinese discount, load up on those “4” houses.

24 is an AWESOME number! I just love the number of divisors it has. It is a nice number between 10 and 50 that kids can do math with in their heads. It’s not quite perfect–28 is–but it’s definitely got a lot of stuff going for it.

Ok, Terri, don’t mess with ancient chinese voodoo…

Subject Case:

Friend of sister had something in her lungs. Looked bad. Westen medicine completely went over with fine toothed comb and said, no dice, we’re sorry. She takes some Chinese medicine as a last hope. Voila. Gone. Zilch. Western doctors were left literally speechless. True story.

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Well, I’m an American mathematician, not a Chinese one. :slight_smile: I’ll avoid 13, but since it’s prime, that’s ok.

23 is the best number. It sounds good in Chinese. Plus it’s prime!

Who am I to disagree with our founder (those numbers are in my address since Day 1 on Earth for me and in different houses of course)

824 Shields St. Go or no go?

Based on pricing - Go.

Based on number - No. (wife says the 24 is still not good despite following the 8; 84 would be very good)

How about you just tape over the middle “2”? Haha

Maybe you can petition the city to change the number by paying a fee? That would be a sweet way for the City to make some money. Every freaking house would be full of 8s yet no 4s to be found anywhere…

Why don’t you change it to base 8? If you had “28base8” would that make you happy? Is that like “easily heaven base heaven?”