Mountain View Condo


Blast from the past! I passed on this condo back in 2012. I forgot to un-fav it and it just showed up on my alert today.

My old note said it could be rented for $1690. It eventually sold for 283K in Aug 2012. I must thought at the time rent was too low for the price.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Fast forward to today:

Just closed for 827K. Tripled in 6 years. Rent is still weak. Only $2700 today.


The FOMO is real.


I wish I had more FOMO back in 2012. :sob:


You think you will say that about 2018?

/remind @manch in 5 years


The SF SOMA condo @harriet posted couple days back is about the same price, but rent is 4.5K instead of 2.7. Maybe I’ll buy that one instead.


This is not reddit, does that even work?


Don’t forget my red envelope in five years :tanabata_tree:


Lol, no. It was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad it wasn’t lost on everyone on the board though :smiley:


I actually really liked that one too…


Here’s another reminder South Bay’s rent really sucks compared to the city’s.


At this rate I’m gonna earn my red envelope before @sfdragonboy does…


You just need to show up to a meetup and you’ll receive it :slight_smile:


Well to be fair, you aren’t comparing the same-same. If this was 2/2 townhouse style down here it would net closer to 3300-3500. I do wonder what Harriett closes for though…


Even a semi-decent 2/1 condo in SF can be rented for 3.5k minimum. TH 1k more at least. Biggest headache is existing and potentially upcoming rent control crap. Landlords are mostly despised up here. :cry:


Here a room in a townhome rents about 1500 last i checked, probably a year or two ago.


When is the next one happening? Ready to collect some :moneybag: :smile:

Not to spam even more but apparently my street (ahem) has another vacant triplex (exterior is not my cup of tea but it’s been sitting on the market for over a month):




Bold move. That is wgy they look cheap. At least this one comes vacant :slight_smile:


Multi-fam price is falling in SF. I noticed many had to reduce their asking price. You never see that in SFH or condos.


Does sf have anri Airbnb regulations