Mountain View Shoreline bus lane and bike improvements

By 2019 Mountain View will have a dedicated bus lane on Shoreline, and major bike safety improvements on the corridor, to help reduce car traffic to the employment center, according to a recent community meeting.

The bus lanes will run on Shoreline Boulevard between Middlefield Road and Plymouth Street. The lane would run in the median and not replace any existing vehicle lanes (see diagram).The project will involve upgrade to traffic signals and a potential for buses to get priority timing but the specifics of the signal upgrade have not been completely finalized.

Shoreline is used today by corporate shuttles, city shuttles, and VTA buses, and these vehicles would use the bus lane. The Shoreline plan covers the infrastructure needed for faster, more reliable bus and shuttle service, but not any changes to bus or shuttle service. The goal of the project is to speed buses and shuttles along Shoreline Boulevard, improving the connection to the Mountain View transit center and making transit commutes more time-competitive. See the presentation for details.