Move Over, Amazon!


I think a good percent will be used to pay down debt. A lot of companies borrowed for share buy backs while keeping their cash over seas. It makes sense to payoff that debt if you can bring the money back. I think you’ll see quite a bit of share repurchase and some special dividends. If I had to guess, it’ll be:

40% payoff debt
30% share repurchase
10% special dividend
20% investment that’ll create jobs

Even the first 3 will help the US economy though. It brings that money into the US to be spent or invested here.


Wage increases and stock market increases bullish for landlords. A propective tenant today told my neighbor is doubling his rent, in South Lake Tahoe.

BTW Denny’s stock has tripled in the last 3 years…
Rising tide lifts all ships



Of course…But Amazon shoppers won’t go to Walmart.


??? Why not? Aren’t Amazon comparison shoppers too?


I tried to make that argument once and everyone looked at me like I was insane. Then I asked when was the last time anyone here was in a Walmart? It was dead silent.

For me, a big appeal of Amazon is it shows up at my doorstep. I don’t have to deal with insane traffic near shopping, finding parking, navigating a crowded store, deal with checkout lines, or deal with driving home. I think online results in fewer purchases too, since you aren’t walking through aisles that are designed to get you to add more purchases.


I’ve bought from, by Walmart), much more than Amazon(but I might be a minority)


I do. I don’t go to Walmart stores, but I buy food items from Walmart. Some things cannot be found at other stores. For example, I like certain mayos and it’s available online at Walmart in singles. At Amazon, its usually a pack of 3s, 6s, or even 12s.


I buy from all of them. I even buy food items from Japan via different sources. I buy seafood from Alaska all the time.


And, I’m finding that Walmart packs better than Amazon and delivers faster too for me. I don’t have Amazon prime. It’s easy for me to get it up to $35 and my house sees 3-4 deliveries a day often.


Nobody in the BA shops at Walmart. I been to the one in Mtn View… I bet few in this forum have. My Russian mother in law loves it. I prefer Costco.


I would go if one was in the Fab 7x7 but the real estate is too expensive probably…


It’s the unions and liberals that won’t allow Walmart in most BA cities. My mom used to drive to Livermore Walmart from Berkeley. We go to one in Carson City.


I’ve been to MV Walmart few times about 10+ years ago. I did not like it as it was crowded, aisles packed and associates just hanging out together talking without trying to help customers. I went to Walmart in Wyoming in Oct and it was super clean and associates very helpful. Our area just don’t work for Walmart because it’s geared towards certain kinds of shoppers besides men shopping for car related things like my husband does. He goes in, finds what he needs and goes out. But, he also does not like going to MV Walmart.

I started buying things from Walmart online starting 2 years ago when I found much cheaper air filters. I was very surprised at that time and since then I give Walmart a chance on other things. Jet too. But, supplements are still best at Amazon and that’s where I go to buy them. Books too, esp kindle books. Since I liked Walmart online, I decided to buy their stock and I’ve been happy with it so far. I also have Amazon.



I would never shop at walmart or think to even compare prices there - when I look at prices in store I compare with Amazon period. nothing else. wouldn’t even think to look at wal mart, plus whenever I go into the store physically I remember why I avoid it…


Walmart hitting some bumpy online road…


They may be investing quite a bit on their online presence. My husband finally bought Walmart today when down over 9%. Yeah!