Move Over Tesla


Elon seems to be having fun…




Not with your car, but with your solar tile…

Competition is good, good for the consumer!!!


I bought some TSLA today. Shares and a call spread. I honestly don’t get it, but if we remain in a bull market then they are going to outperform.


Come on, from all those stories about how white hot your housing market is up there, just “scrounge up” some cash and buy a place or two and in a matter of months you will make a ton…:slight_smile:


Congrats on your leap of faith. :slight_smile:



Welcome to TSLA club !


The Tesla 3 is due for sale 7/1…What happens to Tsla stock when the boy wonder disappoints again?


Frankly I would rather buy a used S than a new 3…Which I bet will cost a lot more than the $35k advertised


Of course they’ll fail. I expect they’ll deliver half as many model 3 cars this year as they forecast. It doesn’t matter. He’ll just increase the forecast for next year and the stock will go up. That’s how Tesla trades every quarter. They’ve only hit vehicle deliveries once in their history.


I ordered a model 3. It says that I have to wait til 2019 to get it, because I’m way back in the queue… half a million people are in front of me!!!


They are supposed to make 5,000/wk “sometime in 2017” and 10,000/wk “sometime in 2018”. Looks like the ramp up is going to at the very last week possible of “sometime”. I’m not surprised. They never hit production numbers.


Why not just buy a used S…The article says they have some selling in the $30ks…Twice the car for the same price


Buying a used car doesn’t help the company to make money… I’m trying to prop up TSLA stock price here by contributing my share along with 500k other people…


Thank you…


Fremont Homeowner


Tesla making money…what a novel concept. .Maybe you should tell Musk about it…lol


BTW, it is Musk who is pushing his used cars…wants to keep up the resale value


Uh oh…


Everybody compares Musk to Edison…I think he is more like Preston Tucker