Move Over Tesla


Oh my god… I’m a TSLA owner and I’m running scared… :sob:


I saw the Model 3 news bit last night. Pretty cool looking car. I hope it does well, and it is not because I am invested in Fremont…


My Beemer is breaking down. I need the model 3 fast… hurry!!!


My Toyota 4runner has 160k miles and is barely broken in…Maybe when it has 400k miles I will buy electric. …I wander if Tesla will still be around in 10 years…


OMG, am I so fortunate to be driving the same vehicle as the highly respected @Elt1? That is my other vehicle when I need something more roomy and for hauling tools etc around. I took it up to your neck of the woods and it was perfect. After my poor experiment with dabbling with a Mercedes convertible and learning too much about its pathetic ABC suspension system I returned to the comfort and reliability of the 4Runner which I had always liked for the body style (Special Edition version with the hood scope). Driving my elderly mom around also seems safer and my wife ironically is not finicky and actually loves it for the sportiness, raised height and leather seats.


Wait why would a rich old dude like @Elt1 drive such a beat up car. Come man, enjoy life a little!


But he’s in the great outdoors, so a SUV is probably quite handy and appropriate. Again, @Elt1 is probably like my Big Bro. They are cut from the same bolt of cloth. They have the yen but don’t necessarily want to blow it on fancy smancy vehicles that depreciate and leak oil right out of the dealership…


@Elt1 should buy the tesla SUV and dump is beat up truck. And then buy the model T for the sedan option. And then reserve and couple model 3s for his kids to make a nice present. :smile: :smile: Come on man, live life a little!!!


I have done all the rich man toys…corvette, mustang convertable, 911 porsche cabriolet , Jag XK8 …dont care about cars anymore…too many tickets…Can’t drive 130mph like when is was 16 in the Nevada desert…I have been sailboat racing the last 4 years…But my main passion is snowskiing…Which can get very expensive if you get into helliskiing. …Unfortunately most nice cars become garage queens…not interested…Had the Jag 10 years put 30k miles on it…no point, traded it for a Prius…I am only interested in putting money in investments or experiences not garage toys…


Me too ! Future owner of Model 3 (hoping so) !! If Tesla delivers to me today, I am ready to take it now…


Same here! would have bought another car had it not been for upcoming model 3.


Tesla stock in freefall…Buy on the rumor sell on the news…Just buy a used S…much better deal than the 3

Stock down 70 points in 2 weeks

2013 Model S for $38k…


But isn’t it a good time to bottom fish TSLA at this point?


Still much higher than beginning of the year.


Maybe at 190…too early…When the 3 disappoints watch for further drops…Musk always over promises and under delivers…When he over promises the stock goes up…Now he is delivering a product that will never live up to the hype or deliver the volume promised and the stock will go down…


Ok… hope people get to grab some at the rock bottom price of 190 per share coming soon to a brokerage website near you :slight_smile:


I would rather buy a used S than $38k in stock…And I am not buying electric for 10 years or until the 4runner dies…


It will never die!!!


It will outlive me for sure…


Oh come on, what’s $38k going to do??? Put in $380k AT LEAST.