Move to Austin

It seems neither Nashville or Austin have any Asians.

Asians like to live in major metropolitan areas along the coast: SF, LA, NY.

Asians in Austin are the fastest growing demographic group, doubling roughly every 12 years. Asian Americans comprise 8% of the City of Austin’s population and this ranking puts Austin 9th in the country.


Missing the real estate tours.

Texas lawmakers has made a new law to cap property tax revenue increase to 3.5% per year. Communism has no place in Texas

“Robert Mayfield, the owner of Wally’s Burger Express, said that in the past year, his own property taxes increased by 44%, or about $8,000. And since 2016, he’s seen them rise by 80%. Without this legislation, Mayfield said he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to keep his family-owned restaurant open.”