MRNA & BNTX - Are these next 10x stock?


I just scanned CRSP, and they are doing research on 1) cancer cells 2) Diabetes with new DNA modification technology which is similar to MRNA & BNTX on Covid-19 (RNA technology).

They (CRSP) has 3 products which has success (Oct 2020 they claimed) that made appx 200% increase in share price which is also getting corrected year-end now. They have tie-up with vertex pharma (similar to PFE & BNTX) for commercialization of their CTX110.

ARK investments has the highest stake holder with 11.97% ($1.4B), next comes Capital International Investors 10.47%($1.2B).

Looks like they do not sufficient order book - as of date - expecting eps 1.32 (loss) next two quarters (Refinitiv). However, company is at 10B mcap. If they succeed in making cancer and diabetes drug, they have major world potential.

You please do some research on fundamentals. Even this is getting corrected, you can review some EWT and possibly take some position when you are comfortable.

Since it is similar stock, I stay with BNTX & MRNA, but review later on CRSP.

Since you have fidelity, you just compare BNTX vs CRSP and see the difference with “Earnings” & “Insiders”.

CRSP has a few competitors, EDIT NVTA BEAM. Cathie owns all fours.

ARK is top holder (>10%) of CRSP, EDIT and NVTA, but small stake in BEAM (ARKG has 0.88%). Being 10% holder, they are insiders as per SEC. They will be inside management as directors and may have better knowledge on those companies (Like WB in WFC or BAC…etc).

The best time for all such companies are just after start of 3rd trial of drug and before completion. The growth depends on marketing potential - too hard to account.

It is better to buy ARKG or ARKK so that they take care of balancing the portfolio.

Why you need to do research? See here, you need ensure growth.


Based on some reading, CRSP is the hottest of the fours.

Anyhoo, I have decided get rid of some of my cloud stocks to buy the top five of ARKG :slight_smile:


Just a puny amount as foothold while reading up more.

Compared to all these 5 top stocks, MRNA and BNTX are way better stock than these five stocks.

If I assume 5% ROI every year, current price of MRNA and BNTX matches. However, market projected 10%-15% ROI for these stocks, i.e., both these stocks are way undervalued (suppressed) with current drops.

Among the 5, CRSP is better as they declared first success last oct 2020 (no FDA approval yet), but BNTX and MRNA got approval, got one full year (more to come) booked orders.

I will leave the decision to you.

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At present, I have more MRNA than the planned purchase of those five combined :slight_smile: I need to expand my horizons :slight_smile: I need to buy them so I will have the incentive to read more. I am also seriously considering start DCA into ARKG :stuck_out_tongue: I think Genomics stocks are still in first innings, the other four platforms she mentioned have already run up quite a lot. The probability of 10x over a few years is hard.

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My MRNA holdings make good :money_mouth_face: gain but not enough to compensate for the massacre of my cloud stocks.


This is the stock for investment, but you are playing like short term options. Even if you gain short term 79%, it is not so much great gain, but missing the boat.

If you want to know, I have appx half million with it, combined MRNA and BNTX, but not interested in small magic gains !

What is their market potential? => The whole world economy is standstill with covid-19 for which these two companies have to fix it. If they are not fixing, whole world economy will be in correction mode !

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Trying FOMOly to catchup with @wuqijun :scream:

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I can not catch WQJ as TSLA is a bigger bet, but I do not want to miss this chance like TSLA again.

Whether the forum members buy or play with options, no gain to me.

Think this way: If BNTX or MRNA is worth nothing, why do governments placed 15 billion orders to them? If these two companies are not working to fix covid-19, what will happen to world wide economies? What will happen to entire stock market then?

There is no contest here. Nobody knows who or what anyone on the forum is worth. But a correction is coming and is due. The catalyst could be the Trump circus on Jan 6. A 10-20% drop would be a good thing. Even a 35% drop like last March is survivable.

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Moderna secured 600 Millions+Undisclosed doses order, appx one year production capacity

Moderna is Said to be producing 1 Billion doses in 2021. It is also said, 32 to 37 per dose. Can Moderna bring in 32 Billion in Revenue for 2021? They have got 600 Millions order which means $19.2 Billions revenue this year.

Did you buy some BNTX or MRNA during this current dip?

There is an JPM bio-tech investor conference on Jan 11th, both BNTX and MRNA presents their company and future.

The stocks will have momentum thereafter. Here is MRNA pipeline projects.

I bought MRNA at 112. When should I sell?

never? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do not have any plans to sell next 2 years. They have lot of pipeline projects and long way to grow. I may hold long term too, there is no set date for me. Both companies are already booked $15B orders. Further orders and approvals keep on coming to them.

IMO, Next 2 qtr results are key to know how good it is, review (or sell) it after two quarterly results (if you like it) !

IMO, it must be minimum doubled in a year, by end of 2021.

BTW: I am too optimistic, I may be biased as usual. Things can go wrong too.

Here is the comparison between MRNA and CRSP, see bottom-line paragraph.

But Moderna’s proven “operating system” gives it a long runway of real growth. The ride will be bumpy. Take Regeneron for example, which is down by over 25% since its summer high. However, the direction is clear.

That’s what I think you should invest in — systems rather than treatments. If you’re looking for something more speculative, take a peek at Crispr Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP), whose first drugs are still going through clinical trials. Once its system of “gene editing” is proven to work, it will also be worth a long-term investment. That’s where MRNA stock is now.

Did the author imply that investment in MRNA and REGN now is a good idea? Ditto for CRSP except is more speculative. I have to wonder why Cathie is not interested in MRNA.

Anyhoo I own all threes, MRNA, REGN and CRSP.

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MRNA is already owned 52% by institutions, + many funds too. BNTX is owned 94% by institutions & funds already.

Just a guess: Cathie took more than 10% stake in their top 3 companies, i.e., they own those companies, full power to be at board of directors…etc. They would not have preferred BNTX/MRNA with less power as they can not direct the company and they may not know insider information.

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