My mom has taken minimalism too far, and it’s breaking up our family

My mom has taken minimalism too far, and it’s breaking up our family - MarketWatch

She should throw away all her cookware and get a Wok, a spade, a wooden board and a chopper.
A bowl and a pair of chopsticks for each person.
A plate and a soup bowl for the entire family.

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Chopsticks is the most versatile cookware ever invented. And they are just two pieces of sticks. I often marvel at the western tool that only does one thing and not doing a very good job at that. A thing to just open avacado? Really?

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I’m driving my husband to this point.

Minimalism is good. I dont need a lot of stuff, and hasnt bought much until wife moved in. I had a tv, a couch, a bed, a dresser and maybe a place for shoes(not sure about this).

No photos, no frames, no shelves around, no chairs :slight_smile:

You don’t need a couch, or TV.

My favorite tenant of all time was a minimalist and she taught me that was the way to go. My downsizing is all due to her doing. She lived in one of my studio apartments and traveled the world. Actually was quite pretty for her age (she fit the stereotype of the sexy librarian with the glasses) whom probably had swarms of rich, old men after her but she wouldn’t have any of it. Nothing like a beautiful, intelligent woman. No man was going to lock her down…

Are you FOMOing?

She wasn’t a minimalist. Her hobbies simply didn’t require any space and took place outside of her home. It’s all about what you do in your spare time, what your hobbies are.

Come on, she lived in a 300 sq ft studio (fully legal) downsizing from a decent sized house she told me. I couldn’t do that.

I guess what I resent is that minimalism is placed on a pedestal but involves having “hobbies” that don’t take up (your own) space.

So Elon Musk could be a minimalist if he simply hires someone to cook for him meals for him in their own kitchen, puts his friends up in hotels, travels on someone else’s jet, and lives in a small, or sparsely furnished space.

Admiring someone who simply has others holding the stuff they use to live life seems like gaming the minimalist system.

Minimalism sounds cool, but sad to say you are not a true minimalist unless you are a monk/nun.

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You can be a minimalist if you’re super rich or super powerful. I remember there was a movie star who never own a home and never rent a home. He lives in the hotel every day. If you are the president, you can get all the services and all the stuff brought to you

Exactly. I wouldn’t call that minimalism.

Yes. Vow of poverty is definitely minimalistic, especially if you live it.

For some people, wealth is a source of anxiety. Poverty would make them peaceful and happy.

They are true minimalists.