My Secret to Maximizing Cash Flow & Appreciation: Buying on the Fringe

The strategy is simple: Invest on the fringe.

I buy in working-class neighborhoods close to areas that are known for being “up and coming.”

In almost every city, there is a street or neighborhood that used to be rough and is now known for being in the middle of a rapid revitalization. You will usually find investors pouring in to do high-end renovations and flips in that area. What you don’t see as much of are investors moving into the areas that are one or two neighborhoods away, but still close enough to be walkable.


I am aware of this theory😉

Bayview is on the fringe?

Townhouse on the border of Potrero Hill and Bayview sold for almost 1M:

Yes, I believe @wuqijun certainly has followed this strategy as I have (I ain’t got any money).

How about a SFH instead? Like this fixer in SSF? What do you want/expect for 695K???