Napa Realtor Recommendations

Anyone ever buy in Napa area? Looking for some recommendations for realtors that cover that area.

I bought a property in Santa Rosa with Jason Holmes years ago. Not sure if he covers Napa as well. He’s the only agent I worked with who showed up at the escrow office with me to go over the contract. Very impressive. UCLA grad so @sfdragonboy would approve.

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Why Napa? What caught your attention and interest?

BAJacket is an opportunist. Feeding on disaster. Don’t be evil.

Not just Napa, open to the area as a whole up there. Interested in seeing what the prices are like and getting better idea of the market there. I’m mostly interested not for investment, but for personal.

How is the price trend?

Any opportunity zone things around? :slight_smile:

Napa might be a bit too far. How about San Anselmo? Nice houses there.

Avoid flood zones near the Napa river

I’m a wine drinker, Manch! Although I’m open to Santa Rosa area as well. Heard you got a good deal eh :smiley:

Buying house and moving there to drink wine? Don’t become an alcoholic :joy:

Or are you going to buy a winery and make wines?

I think @manch and @hanera are going to join me. It’ll be a Whinery with some good aged Whines.


I remember going to a winery up in the hills near Cupertino. Wineries sometimes show up in unexpected places. Stockton and Lodi actually produce a good amount of grapes and Lodi fancies itself as wine country.

You want a bargain in wine country? Buy near Placerville. Less than 20% of Napa costs. 100 wineries.
Opportunities in Amador, Eldorado and Placer counties
Can get an estate for the price of a 1000sf shack in Napa.
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