NASA seeks developers to build 1,930 housing units plus retail in Mountain View


NASA this week unveiled a plan to build and operate at least 1,930 new rental units and 100,000 square feet of retail space at NASA Ames, saying it will put out a formal request for proposals to real estate developers in the coming months.

The agency is setting aside 45 acres for the project. NASA is giving first preference on housing to employees and students at NASA Ames, and people who work nearby.

Ten percent of the units will be subsidized for low-income residents.

“Housing in Silicon Valley is in high demand, and there’s a significant need for our employees and our community to have more options,” Ames Center Director Eugene Tu said in a statement. “Plus, this housing will mitigate some of the increasing traffic and air emissions in the region.”


Come on, prefab, baby!!! Follow Google’s lead…


So is NASA going to own and operate the development or are they selling the land to a developer that’ll own and operate it?


Better yet, shipping containers :smiley:


God, I am soooooo glad I don’t have to drive in that mess everyday…



Only 2,000?
Come on! We can do more than that!
How about 20,000?
Forget about luxurious units, just make them habitable, that’s it!:kissing_heart:


Whatever happened to the 35,000 homes proposed in Redwood City known as the Saltworks???..
Oh yeah killed by out of town "save the bay"activists. .shamefull…All these nimbyies should be forced to live in homeless camps



Send them to live with the homeless population for a change.


The homeless are even moving to Stockton…the Bay area is exporting its housing crisis…Fresno next.
Here is a proven investment strategy…Buy investment property wherever there is a homeless problem.

Definitely indicates a housing shortage…supply restrictions mean higher rents in the future.
We have homeless in Tahoe too…despite the cold winters


Nimbyies are the largest cause of homelessness. .Why don’t all the environmental dogooders volunteer for Habit for Humanity instead of stopping all growth…Isn’t there any good growth??? Or are they just plain mean…