Nationally home prices will rise 700% from 2016-2026? hoax or real

Video Author says nationally home prices will rise 700% from 2016-2026

hoax or real?

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Hard to search the fourm

Same guy…
Why to buy a home in California in 2014?

Translates to 30% increase annual.

Bay Area already up 200-250% since 2012, so even if his prediction is off by 50%, then another 100% to go(from 2012) :slight_smile:

Fun thread… not too serious.

He could be right, at least in the direction.

Republican President is usually good for RE. Reagan doubled housing price, Bush tripled housing price. Now Trump will 8x housing price? Even a triple in national home price would be extremely good.

1 year libor is now 1% higher than one year ago. I think the 7x in the next 10 years would not be linear.

I guess we can understand this way. Housing supply shrinks under democratic president so a supply shortage occurs. When the Republican president sworn in, the housing shortage will cause a home price jump, which causes more home building. When the next democratic president takes over, the over supply of housing will cause home price to decline or stagnate which would cause a shrinking supply again.

The interesting thing is that he predicted this back in 2011 and has mostly been accurate so far.

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I was predicting the same thing but figured it would level off last year…glad I was wrong…

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