Need To Get Away To HK?

Update on HK Airlines…

Why bother doing that when there’s Chinatown.

Well, not too many folks here (other than @aalj and probably me) view our Chinatown as a diamond in the rough. And besides, I actually do want to go to HK one day and visit and see my Lowell classmate who is making zillions of dollars there. Spending time with him should be fun…

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I would advice not. You know you are in trouble with the secret police after posting multiple insults here to the communist party and Chinese culture.


Well, I would remember to not pack my stash of SfDragonboy sweatshirts. Too hot there for sweatshirts anyway, right???:grinning:

@harriet is in HK right now eating her way from east to west like that hungry caterpillar. :smile:

Again, always way positive on the Chinese culture, but true, Mao Jackets are definitely not my bag.

I came back already…no more good food for a long while :disappointed_relieved:

And sorry Chinatown does not resemble Hong Kong one bit. Okay maybe it resembles Hong Kong 50 years ago, but I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t in existence.

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I’m only nostalgic about the old China. So Chinatown is good enough for me.

What do you like about old China? The architecture? If so you should visit Beijing.

Next time I visit HK again I’ll try this new airline because Cathay seems to get worse every time. The only good thing about my flight this time around was the new Airbus A350…

I visited Beijing 4 times already. I was so bored at one point that I went to Tiananman Square everyday for an entire week. Will not miss it one bit even if I couldn’t go back there ever again (and most likely I won’t).

Tiananmen Square everyday for a week? You should have gone to the different entry points at the Great Wall instead - at least you can get some exercise in by climbing the wall. I enjoyed my visit to the wall last time; it was peaceful and quiet with very few tourists :slight_smile:

I did… I visited all the entry points… and the imperial garden and temple of heaven and shopping district and CBD everything… so finally I got to a point where there was nothing more to see so I just started wandering around Tiananmen Square for no reason :slight_smile:

I loved Beijing. When I was at the Forbidden Palace a few years ago I felt like I was part of the 還珠格格 drama lol


Prior to the new direct flight from SFO to Singapore, wifey flew home via HK or maybe Korea and avoided Cathay Airlines like the plague, despite the cheaper fare.

I don’t like Singapore Airlines either. My favorite is ANA but they don’t have direct flights to HK. I only stopped by HK for a few days this time for convenience as the main purpose of my trip was Japan.

Geez, I always heard great things about Singapore Airlines in general. Your standards are too high again…

I love Singapore airlines. Cathay is :-1:

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Fly ANA once and everything else becomes crap…

The leg between Japan and HK was so empty that I got Premium Economy seating for free (the front row was like an all you can eat buffet…)