Neighbor – Street Parking, Trash can…. Issues

Tell them in a friendly way that if you don’t find space to put your trash cans in front of your house, you will leave them in their spot (next to their trash cans). They can then move their car and move your trash cans in front of your house. It’s just a few extra feet for you to drag your trash cans once a week. It’s also a constant reminder to them to do the right thing.


Do not give up your right to have your own parking space. I know it could trigger some retaliation from a neighbor, but if he is not taught a lesson he will keep being a jerk. No offense, but I’ve seen this too many times, people, bow to aggressors like this one and that entitles them to be the king of the block. Not in my turf, certainly not on my watch.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I just had the fortune of looking out through the window 15 minutes ago, and I saw this small car, seemingly one of my neighbors trying to move my cans so they could park. I waved my arms and I think they saw my signals. I’ve done it many times and they still park there, all you have to go through for having a beer with them once in a while. But, when I saw them leaving I felt bad, so, I went to apologize for my waving, but the small car I had seen wasn’t theirs. It was parked on front of their home :scream:

You shouldn’t be asking nor apologizing for the privilege as they have, to park your car in front of your own home without any aggravation. Anybody not getting it is a jerk.

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IMO, Best and easy to do.

I hear what you’re saying. It make sense to me. But tell that to my neighbor too! They had brother’s cars ticketed twice! They didn’t even bother to try to talk to us first…

Luckily for them, we don’t hold grudges.

Your problems are minor compared to Tahoe…We have bears that raid our cans…Can only put them out an hour before pickup and they better be bear proof…or worst if you leave food in your car.

What??? Based on your recommendations of how fabulous SLT is, I already requested a move to our satellite SLT office!!! Thanks a lot!!!:grinning:

If you bend over once, you will keep bending over forever. And you start a trend where unruly people dictate the way you ought to live. Be a man, and put your balls together and act upon it.


Santa and the stark delivering your babies.


You can buy a bear proof box for $1000…plus leave the car in the garage…

What??? Based on how good your recommendation was for the fab 7 x 7 (no parking, incredibly overpriced etc.) I almost retired there. :grinning:

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The guy has been reminded twice already and he is not a child.

Seems like the neighbor is not bothered with maintaining relations, but on the other hand we have to bend to maintain relations repeatedly. I don’t think such relations work out long term anyways.

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I hear you, however the 72 hour thing is also a law(I don’t think it’s on the high priority for enforcement by the police).

The 72 hour parking law is really the 150 hour parking law. You have to wait 72 hours to report them, wait for someone to come out and tag the car, then wait 72 more hours. Actually 150 hours is an optimistic estimate. How about parking your own car in that spot and leaving room for the trash cans?

Good one…

(note to self: maybe refrain from doing any Sunset Rocking The Overbids posts for a day or two…) :wink:

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Not really. You can report to parking compliance the minute the car is parked. When the PC officer arrives, he/she marks the tire location and leaves a note. They then follow up 72 hours later.

Ok, where do you live, Vinny??? :grinning:

Why not let the garbage men to post some signs on the parked cars? If they refuse pickup, you sue the garbage company. Garbage company is able to pick up the garbage can, your neighbor’s car just made the job a little more time consuming and potentially can increase the cost of garage collection for everyone. But the damage to you is mostly a pscychological injustice

You don’t have a legal right to the public space so you can’t do much to the neighbor. Your neighbor has the right to park his car in the public street.

I’m sorry to deliver a disappointing message, but your neighbor can legally park his car in front of your house, even though he’s not a considerate neighbor.

You can change your physical image and wear gang like outfits. Hopefully the neighbor would be scared and pay you more repsect

Uh, that is simply not advisable…

We have a similar problem here. Cars parked up down and around. So all the cans go streetward of the cars. My neighbor started doing it to her own cars, so I started doing it too. She parks streetside (I’m the back of the duplex). I have no street edge that is “mine”.

Our trash guys don’t bother moving the cans. So far, i don’t think anyone’s gotten dinged.

Sounds like this is really the trash guy’s problem. I’d let him know that you support him in asking your neighbor to move and have the trash guy leave notes. Put your cans in front of (ie, to the side of) the neighbor’s vehicle.

At the end of the day, you do not do anything to get the garbage pickup guy or company upset at you. That is one outfit I simply obey 150%. Do you want your trash removed every week and on the week? Absolutely. Do not rock that boat…

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