Neighborhood social network Nextdoor launches real estate listing service

Oh boy. First Amazon, now Nextdoor. Zillow’s space is getting crowded all of a sudden…

Not sure how this will work. If I presently live in Alum Rock, I will presumably see local listing data from Alum Rock only. Unless I am a renter, I may not buy in my own neighborhood (hmm… rental maybe… not sure if I want my tenants THAT close :slight_smile: )
And Nextdoor does not let you sign up for other areas (where you want to move to). Only where you live and they verify residency with a post card etc


True. The ultra local nature of nextdoor is not a natural fit.

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Oh boy! Another Redfin wannabe. As if there weren’t enough sites for real estate. Amazon, your nanny, now this? :laughing:

But it’s a natural place for agents to advertise their service. Instead of getting junk mail from the agents, they can hang out on Nextdoor and befriend the neighbors. If I were an agent, I would pay a lot of money to get access to my farm area.