Net Neutrality Goes Down! Should We Be Concerned?

We all know the target point for this administration is to create a corporate world controlling what we do and what we say. Period!

But they are for democracy…my arse!

It will negatively affect internet startups & positively affect established internet companies and ISPs

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This GOP admin is just evil without bound. 2018 can’t come soon enough.

Vote the bums out!

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Let’s wait for mister data coming to defend the Russian administration. :sweat_smile::joy:

Under the rules, internet service providers are required to treat all online content the same. They can’t deliberately speed up or slow down traffic from specific websites or apps, nor can they put their own content at an advantage over rivals.

Can someone explain above clearly? What is meant by “treat all online content the same”. Understood the video is video part. How to treat audio and video the same? Which is considered equal treatment, charge by per GB or per GB/ sec?

Well, essentially no preferential treatment towards any content from any specific site, nor can they put their content at the head of the line, so to speak above rivals…


It basically means treat bits of data transferred over the internet the same. Don’t create faster lanes for some data over other. Analogy will be not allowing HOV lanes, bus lanes or paid toll lanes on freeways. All traffic is always treated the same.

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That is the data transfer rate for audio, text and video are the same?

Yes, this is my comprehension of the concept of net neutrality. It implies IP does not differentiate between different types of data.

Won’t that mean video would take a lot longer to transfer since its size is much larger than text.
Perhaps the issue is how to charge.
Shouldn’t a pipe capable of higher data transfer rate should be able to charge more?
Otherwise what is the point of building faster data transfer pipes if nobody is paying for it?
Sound like the net neutrality guys are twisting the argument to mean charge by per GB (size transferred) rather than GB/sec (speed of data transfer).

Our man Scott is on the case! Go Scott! Really happy we voted for him.


Seems that nobody really cares about this. Goog, Fb, apppl and nflx don’t have time to talk about this at all.

This might be a petty issue and has no meaning at all. All countries have Internet, why does US need to be different?

It feels like the tree hugging cause.

It’s ok for highway to have toll lane, hov lane and regular lane. And highway is public property. Less regulation on private property is good and great!

No rent control. Net? Freedom net. Net for freedom. Freedom for net. If I own an ISP, it’s my business. If I don’t own an ISP, it’s their business.

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Most big entrenched players benefit from lack of net neutrality so obviously they won’t protest it. FB had made a big push last year to get net neutrality repealed in India but was surprised by the stiff resistance they got there!


Let’s be realistic. All the private businesses have their goals, they should be free to operate and innovate.

If you want a “neutrality” net, just set up one. Cisco is producing plenty of equipment, no shortage there.

This is just a petty issue created by tech firms and they actually secretly support this repeal now since they are ready to handle it now. It’s all about special interest and many people are used by them.

If Scott can repeal rent control, I may consider net neutrality as a return of favor

Sound like you are in my camp of charging more for faster data transfer rate.
Frankly, I don’t understand the net neutrality rules, it seems many do, guess I’m not so bright.
Somehow I think ISP didn’t violate the rule, “treat all online content the same”.
Is just that they build some faster pipes and want to charge more money for them that’s all.

Some people, really, really are so…_________________ fill the blank. Really!

Some people have nothing to do so they want to intervene other people and get into other’s business. Everyone should mind their own business and reduce pointless intrusion.

Let ISP do their job to provide the best service to the whole population. If there’s any huge antitrust issue, we have DOJ to intervene. Don’t kill the chicken when they are in labor.