Never Mind, Keep Buying Boys And Girls

If true, we should be good for the rest of our lives investing here in the Bay Area…

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The article’s premise might be wrong:
a. Both threes are still adding new staffs.
b. Buying new offices imply adding new staffs.

The truth might be just relocating from one place of SV to another place or give an employee the entitled office space, previously is cramped or converting a temp to permanent position. So there might be no net increase in staffs and hence no new demand for housing.

Yes, but let’s be honest, there are more than just these two companies in the area anyway. I believe we are also discussing how Facebook is planning a true major expansion and who knows what Apple may be doing down the road. Certainly, a great spot to be in if you have the dough to invest LT no???

Two major macro risks:

Trumps become POTUS.
China and USA in war over some spratly rocks.

Wow, I suppose there is that chance The Donald gets in but I thought most recent polls have Bill’s better half leading substantially, no? I agree, with each terrorist event happening, The Donald probably gets a few more votes…

Yeah, never know what China might do. Maybe that little boy in North Korea will finally perfect his firecracker to the point that we really need to worry over here…

BUT, at the end of the day, the companies that make all of the electronics and internet goodies that the world enjoys so much are right here. They are not going away anytime soon. Heck, even I may have to become a Twitter and FB user. God, that would be sad…

People living in California thinks Trumps has no chance, false.
You have forgotten China is a world manufacturing centre and is transitioning to a consumption economy.

Spratly rocks is so strategic to both nations that almost sure there is some fireworks happening in SEA, now appears to be in Korea, adios Korea.

Even though China has never really cared what other countries thought of it, it still has to understand the stage that it is on now and in the future. It is a big boy now, and being a big boy may mean that you have to act accordingly or the lil boys of the world may look down on you. Meaning, no longer wanting to buy your products, etc. I know, harder to do in reality when everything is made there, but you get my point that China has to at least acknowledge the ramifications internationally if it did something really grossly over the line. Yes, and at some point, the other big boy (us) may have to check them on it. Hopefully, we survive that…Sooooo, on that note, would you prefer The Donald or Mrs. Bill “manning” the button???

Actually, is USA trying to screw China, deploying so many marines all over in SEA, in Japan and SK. China grew up and the bully needs to leave.

South China Sea is all about the fight between the biggest bully in the world, aka USA, and the rising regional bully, aka China. Can you imagine Chinese warships off the coasts of Florida and California going around and commenting on this and that? I don’t think Americans will react very kindly to that.