New Feature: Text Translation

Folks, I just integrated text translation into the forum. For foreign language posts, you will now see a tiny globe picture at the bottom of the post.

I am using Microsoft’s Azure API, which translates up to 2 million characters free per month. So be gentle with the feature. Don’t use it to translate War and Peace for example. Each post is translated only once per user locale, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I also looked into Google’s API but there’s no free tier. Minimum is $20 a month.

Let me know any feedback you got. Enjoy!




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Works pretty well. :smile:

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How much extra for everyone to get pinged that someone watched Crazy Rich Asians???

No lo puedo creer!

Does that mean I am going to be writing in a good, perfect, grammar compliance English

Use with moderation. Translation is never perfect. People should still write in English as much as possible.

Cool thing Manch!



That could have been the pickup line in Crazy Rich Asians…

Are you insulting Taiwanese people? :smile:

No, it’s a proof that your translator sucks. Spend some money and upgrade to Google.

Google is about the same:

Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is no such thing, where is the dust.

You are still insulting Taiwan.


I am convinced that you will never give up until every line with “CRA” in it becomes hate speech.

So? At least I didn’t insult you.

He’ll give up after you give up attacking @hanera.

Well Yoda needs to stop first :roll_eyes:

정말 유용한 기능이네요.

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Another win! :smile: