New High school curriculum

Received a message from a local candidate for High School District Board. What are your thoughts on the bolded parts of the agenda? What does it actually mean in practice?

My platform of promises to the community is based on L.O.V.E.

(Listen, Outreach, Voice, Equity):

  • Advocate for the implementation of Resiliency Coaching services
  • Develop a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum
  • Advocate for the implementation of Restorative Justice Practices
  • Host community open forums to listen to members of our community
  • Expand Parent Outreach Coordinators at each school site
  • Set a district culture that encourages grassroots innovation
  • Insist on transparency between the Board and the community
  • Advocate for an Office of Equity and increased representation in hiring
  • Support the adoption of an Ethnic Studies requirement
  • Advocate for increased A-G inclusion for marginalized students
  • Work to build consensus on major decisions like in-person learning
  • Advocate for Special Education inclusion in the General Education classroom

Has anyone had experience with this stuff at their high school?

When people say using education as liberal indoctrination is just a conspiracy theory…

How about we teach kids math? Most HS grads are so bad at math that they can’t even do today’s skilled trades jobs.

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Totally agreed with what you say, and this is why I posted–as a sanity check. The woman running on this platform is Black, and I really want to give her the benefit of a doubt, but in a low-income area, it seems to me the absolute best thing that can be done is to get these kids into STEM. I know our local high school does things like free on-site tutoring, encouraging first-in-the-family college applications, college-prep study skills in 0th period, etc. They already require 4 years of history including a year of Econ/Gov’t, so where is this extra Ethnic Studies requirement going to go and haven’t they essentially had that for multiple years in elementary school where they learn about the Native American tribes?

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I know someone who tried to donate iPads and fund app coding courses for a public school in a low income area. They demanded iPads for all students and a host of other things in the name of fairness. He ended up telling them to fly a kite. The school clearly over played their hand and thought they could guilt him into funding a list of their liberal dreams.

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Wow. Someone really blew it.

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Woah!!! The ethnic studies thing was nearly put into place at the state level. Thankfully the governor vetoed it:

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Interesting article about Critical Race Theory:

Apparently CRT is based on Critical Theory which is a Marxist philosophy trying to replace rational thought and scientific analysis with narrative and experiential storytelling and belittling rational thought as white oppression. And it’s what they’re trying to teach in schools. This was from a training for a teacher:

A friend of mine who is half Vietnamese, half European decent–she says we used to talk about the melting pot of America, but now it’s us vs. them. How did this happen? Apparently through CRT. This kind of stuff in schools pushing white guilt is not helping America at all. I get that it feels good to the black community to shove the knife the other direction–but revenge isn’t building a better America nor is it going to get rid of racism to push the opposite racism. At this point, it’d be better to teach Christianity in schools–everyone created equal in God’s eyes with divinely given rights and an obligation to forgive others and to love your neighbor and treat them as you would like to be treated. Oh and, until it’s inconvenient for them, they’ll tell you that Jesus wasn’t white.

What surprises me is how the BLM has been allowed to take over the black narrative with this stuff when the black community has historically been very Christian. The voices of sanity asking for unity and forgiveness are being drowned out.

Religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam are created by warlords to convince their followers to obey them. Is why they are so institutionalized and each has a law book. If want to teach one of these religions, might as well teach the constitutions and various amendments in depth, and some laws that we are might encounter in our daily life.

Critical Race Theory is a ploy to establish the success and competence of an individual on something vague and nebulous like race or other social identity than on the handwork and ingenuity of the individual.

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I’ve never heard of Jesus described as a warlord… new one to me.

Very true! Which is not at all what we need kids to think and learn. How does that at all work with teaching kids persistence and grit and growth mindset?

And I don’t see how it enables minority kids to succeed either. It’s essentially saying “You’ll never succeed with laws designed by white people, so don’t bother trying.”

And the also the failure and incompetence of an individual is attributed to something outside that individual. On to something vague and indistinct so that a perpetual conflict between a looser and a winner can be created. And then use that conflict to channelize political support for a party.


So sad and scary. The thing that is saddest is that so many minorities have come here for a better life and been able to achieve it, but you can’t celebrate their successes because that would destroy the narrative. My friend who came from Cuba owns an IT company. Many minorities in the Bay Area have their own businesses from construction to restaurants to salons/spas. That’s the American dream, and they should be celebrated as winners!!!

Well said, in nutshell, the Critical Race Theory, denies the success of an individual to his hardwork and ingenuity. Reminds me of that famous statement by Obama captured on TV: “you did not build that !”.
Critical Race Theory does not allow a person to celebrate its success and results of its hard-work.
This is a despicable theory that separates hard work and ingenuity from success.