New Supreme Court justice

Trump will be appointing a new Supreme Court justice soon. The problem is can he get the Senate to confirm it. 51 votes are needed. I don’t hear anyone discussing this but Senator McCain is very sick and may not be able to travel to Washington D.C., so that leaves only 50 votes. The VP can break the tie but that is a problem if you lose eve one Republican vote and moderates and retiring Senators may be an issue. Personally I would like a moderate Republican or a conservative Democrat in the office. What is your take?

Anybody who is against rent control


McCain can resign and Arizona governor can appoint someone to vote. These kind of technical issues can’t block it, they won’t allow it to happen.

He may choose someone that’s easy to pass. There was a 25 person list, I would assume many of them were already vetted.

Will the new justice selection be done before November?

It’ll be announced on July 9.

Trump has treated McCain very poorly over the years so don’t count on him resigning to please Trump.

Probably he does not need maccain to resign. A few democratic senators voted for his pick last time. It might repeat this time.

Also there seems to be no burning desire from gop senators to block trump now. Romney has transformed from the never trump head to a trump follower now, McCain has health issues. I don’t see any senator would block just for the sake of blocking. Trump says he won’t ask about abortion, is there any reason to block at all?

Does he matter, he’s dying anyway…

OMG, you’re fired!!!