New townhouse upgrades flooring etc

Planning on buying a new townhouse. Builder upgrades are expensive. Has anyone had luck passing up on those and then using a contractor later. How hard is it to rip carpet and add wooden flooring later. Or is it better to just pay that and not worry about it. Any hoa rules I need to worry about


I do not know how many sqft the home has got and how much the builder charges. I can guesstimate appx $12/sqft - $18/sqft for wood floor, but depends on what kind of wood you choose.

It is not hard to rip carpet and add wooden flooring later,but when will you do it? The cost depends on the labor+material cost at that time?

Even though I know it is easy to do, I would prefer to have it installed by the builder.

Builder cost is included in the purchase price and can be spread over 30 years (assuming getting 30-year loan).
Whereas, you need to fork out cash if you get your own contractor.
My belief is to buy everything in cash if you’ve a mortgage loan. So should upgrade whatever you want with the builder to conserve your cash to buy other stuffs, in cash of course.

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