Newark - A possible rental


Which neighborhoods are you looking at?

@hanera If you type the @ symbol, the software will give you a list of possible names. The person will actually get a notification this way.

So it should be @sfdragonboy not dragonfly, which is much lamer… :smile:

Why do you want to do a group buy???

Just want to go there to explore since you say is so good.

WAIT!!! Please find and repaste my post where I said it was literally so good. I believe I was just saying that relatively speaking Union City and Newark as @RealEstatebull mentioned are potential hot spots. I don’t believe these cities are truly bad but you folks that like good school districts would of course frown on these places. My thing is, hey, people have to still live somewhere and if some of these techies don’t mind couch surfing or living in tents or boxes in someone’s living room Newark/Union City can’t be all that bad. Young singles can take a lot and they are cheap.

As @maluka mentioned in the Intro tread, I would say Milpitas is kind of like what we are saying about Newark and Union City to a certain extent. My bro’s primary Milipitas 4 bd SFH at the time was under 200k brand new and now they are going for nearly 1M if not at. Yes, not overnight but to my point Milpitas was NOT by any stretch of the imagination a great school districted area then too. It was ok, but the proximity to tech is what has driven the values up to what it is today. Location, boys and girls, location again. That’s all.

So now you prefer Milipitas?

Yes and no, but Milpitas is already expensive. I am still bullish on parts of Fremont that don’t have the great school scores…yet. Those are prime in my view. I am not like you phat cats, Yes, my wife and I both work and with the rental income we could join you boys and girls in PA or Cupertino but we work here in SF and do like it here. And besides, I am cheap so I wouldn’t want to pay that big bump in property tax even for lovely PA. For investment, I want cheaper the better. Believe me, my big bro was telling me that boy that was worth camping out for a few days to get in line to buy that Milpitas home back in the day for under 200K. 4 bd, detached SFH in a quiet nice part of Milpitas. That’s how you make money.

Milpitas for $200k was pre-1995. That is more than 20 years ago.

My take is this. Cheap does not mean better return. If someone could buy in peninsula or Cupertino 20 years ago, return is even better. With that said, buying any investment property is better than nothing. And with prices today, it’s hard to get into RE investment; so understanding if investor is looking at cheaper areas. Just beware that cheap does not equal bullish return.

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Again, the advice is more for folks who may not have the cash to buy in other areas. Not everyone is an investor, but may just be wanting to crack the local tough market somehow, some way for their primary residence. Hey, you have to start somewhere right??? Not too difficult of a concept, right, Cal Alum?


A realtor wants to check out my Fremont rental this weekend so I may swing through Newark and Union City and he can show me the prime areas for growth. He seems to know the areas very well and actually agrees with me that those areas have potential.

@hanera, did you buy anything in Newark since last update?

No. Neighborhoods feel rough.

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