Newark Rocking the overbids!

Even the blue collar Newark is not spared. Million dollar mark for measly 3b/2b 1330 sft home. Bad schools dont matter any more. 800/sft.

I lost the offer on this fixer. My ARV at that time was not anywhere near 1.03M.


:scream: wait for me Newark!!

Too late! You snooze you lose! :rofl:

6 miles from the proposed new FB office. Can’t you get a house in Ardenwood for this price?

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Original one looks quite horrible:

But 1.03M is not what I would consider as ARV either.

$783/sq ft!!!

Better price/sq ft in 94555?

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Ardenwood, No way for a same product. Other parts of fremont : Yes.

Are these buyers not concerned with schools?

It didn’t look bad in the inside, Nothing out of league for a full rehab. Stucco will hide all the exterior blemishes you see in the pics.

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Does Newark smell? I know the Dumbarton Bridge near the toll plaza definitely has odor.

What’s that smell? Might have to close the whole town…lol

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$916/sft…in good ole Newark.

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Your new stomping ground @RealEstatebull?

Yes, picked up one here. Hence the curiosity.

Yea, SC out of control now.


9000sq ft lot. Is that the reason?

I’m surprised market had such a spike in the last month. Amazing…

Low inventory + interest rate fear??

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I think people cashing out of their stocks, and buying in droves. Only takes a handful to drive the demand and price up.

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These Newark prices are very very surprising… for me… is it the new FB+TSLA office effect across 84 in Ardenwood? If that is, Ardenwood should see the effect 1st i.e. rise in prices should 1st happen in Ardenwood.

There’s that mega development at Bayshores probably trying to capitalize on FBers moving across the bridge to find affordability.

hmmm… hopefully…:slight_smile: if that is, it’s good for owners in this area.