Next 10x Stock Winner


I use Neato which is not bad but no brand power. Didn’t hear of SharkNinja till researching IRBT.


Correction: Costco sells Shark Vacuum cleaner, very cheap VC ($99/piece).

Until now, I used two iRobot 595 (each floor one) and then using Shark VC (as standby). Now, they started product similar to iRobot.

Looks like Shark ION robot is really competitive, but how much impact is yet to be seen.


The challenge looks real, down load the pdf report here (8 pages) and read it completely.


Do they share any key suppliers that’ll win the business no matter which company wins?


No idea on this.

Here is the complete history of competition

My guess work:Since the company was able to meet all challenges from various competitors, IRBT eventually come up fine. They are, as of now, holding 88% of market, but will have chances to get this market share reduced by lower price competition. Cost, Quality and reliability wins finally.


Works only if IRBT is Apple-like :slight_smile:
Is IRBT Apple-like?
Is UBNT Apple-like?
Is SPWR Apple-like? Seems not as good as cost leader FSLR :blush:

Meanwhile CRUS is behaving better than VEEV… still free falling.


Is IRBT Apple-like = Yes, to my knowledge.

I use iRobot 595, bought shark vacuum, used 2 years, finally replaced by Dyson this year. Shark Vacuum are really challenge in price, but Dyson has superior quality like IRobot.

Is UBNT Apple-like? = Yes, UBNT is excellent quality like iPhone, price competitive.


Technically, IRBT is the strongest, then VEEV and UBNT.
All above 200-day SMA/ 52-week EMA, so long term trend is still up.


UBNT & VEEV I hold it now, IRBT started adding now.


Bought 50 below $81 and short put ($85)… assigned price = $78.
Short VEEV put ($55)… assigned price = $51.
Short UBNT put ($55)… assigned price = $51.


I think I finally figured out how to sell FUSEX. It’s in my IRA from a Fidelity 401k rollover. I’m going to add to the small caps with the proceeds. It may take a couple of days for the account settings to update, so I can sell.


Critical for IRBT to hold $78-$80, otherwise, next stop would be $75 and may decline to $60s.

Motley Fool vs Spruce continues…

3 Stocks that could soar more than AMZN
MF pumps IRBT.
Spruce dumps IRBT.


Making good money in CRUS which everybody say is not good, and losing tons of money in VEEV and UBNT which everybody say are good.


I don’t get why UBNT is down after the quarter and guidance. CRUS Is hot because of iPhone X!


To make big bucks in stock market, you need to go against popular ideas. :slight_smile:


Robert Pera sold 1,000,000 shares on Aug 28. Those in the loop sold before he did, and as news go around more sell. We, the public retail investors are amongst the last to know.

The board approved share buyback of $50 mil and he sold $61 mil worth of stocks. Anyone know his character? Other than spending money feeding those Grizzlies, what else other big money spending? How often has he sold stocks?


The Grizz have a clause. In September or October, the minoroty owners can buy him out or he can buy them out. The minority owners get to name a price. Then he gets to decide if he’s selling for that price or buying them out at that price. There’s an ESPN article on it. The one minoroty owner wants to sell, so he can buy the Timberwolves. League rules say you can’t have an ownership stake in 2 teams at the same time. He will probably need to raise some cash to buy them out.


Shares of Ubiquiti Networks Inc. (UBNT) sank as much as 13% to a three-month low in morning trade Monday before paring some losses, after famed short-seller Andrew Left said he believed the networking technology company was a “total fraud.” Left’s Citron Research detailed a number of “red flags” that suggests what the company was reporting was deceiving investors, including operating margins that were well above its peers and a growing cash position but relatively low interest income. Ubiquiti Chief Executive Robert Pera owns a controlling interest in the Memphis Grizzlies NBA franchise. Ubiquiti declined a request for a comment. The company has an investor meeting scheduled for Sept. 26 . The stock was recently down 5.0%, on volume of 4.4 million shares, compared with the full-day average of about 600,000 shares. The stock has rallied 7.5% over the past three months, but has lost 9.8% year to date. In comparison, the S&P 500 has gained 3.0% over the past three months and 12% this year.


OMG, glad I didn’t invest!!! :scream:


Three of us could have been enron-ed :rage: