Next 10x Stock Winner


PANW up big AH 7+% :rofl:
With recent winning streaks*, itching to be aggressive with VEEV, earnings Nov 28.
*SYNA, SPLK, PANW - gain 7-18% :slight_smile: after earnings


My IRA vs Taxable account is 75%-25%.

IRA’s, as every one said no tax loss harvesting.

For taxable, I have tax loss harvesting. I do make mistakes and those are covered by Tax loss harvesting to keep the Capital gain low. Since I use options one or two times, I gain good taxable and wipe those gains at the end of the, starting this month.


Is Ubiquiti Networks Inc a Millionaire-Maker Stock?

Imagine investing $10,000 in a single stock, and seeing that grow to over $1 million. A return like that would require growth of 1,000%

This kind of opening statement make me wonder whether I should continue reading.
Anyhoo, UBNT is so Apple-like :grin: , into consumer IoT, and a disruptive business model… worth a bet.


TWLO the company is performing much better than the stock. It can’t shake that Uber is migrating off the platform. Even with losing Uber which is 10% of revenue, they are growing revenue over 30% yr/yr. They keep increasing their customer base too. People are afraid other customers will do what Uber is doing and develop the tools themselves. I’m not sure I agree. The tools are more of a utility than a competitive advantage. You would need massive scale to build them cheaper yourself. I suspect it’ll turn out to be mistake for Uber to build their own. I may sell and revisit once Uber is completely off their platform.


Is like telling me to wait and see :laughing:


Fancy candlestick pattern time:
UBNT: Bullish Engulfing, BUY
SHOP: Bearish Three Gaps Ups, Not confirmed, STAY LONG (Hit my target price for long calls, if I didn’t screw up)
SPLK: Bullish Stop Loss, BUY
SYNA: Bearish Harami, Not confirmed, STAY LONG


Congrats on your recent gains. Regret missing out on SHOP… I don’t get why it suddenly popped ? Was there news or was it just technical (like your chart showed)? Did get some BZUN which is like a small Chinese SHOP. Your chart was also right on Mono.


This week, next week, stocks may skyrocket very likely due to thanksgiving sale started. All stocks may come down near dec 9th and 12-13th and then until year end.

IMO, it may come back. Buy when it is coming back.


@Jil are you talking about the stock market in general or the ecommerce related stocks skyrocketing? I will watch for shop to come down!


Stock market in general.


Shop announced a new feature. Integration with UPS for shipping at much lower rates. Shop used the leverage of total shop volume to get discounted rates better than what small merchants can get on their own.


Market is happy that Yellen resigned as Fed Chairwoman. Green all over :laughing:
PANW ups nearly 10%
SHOP ups nearly 2%
SYNA ups nearly 3% Riding this with 4 calls :laughing: more but not up to 10-100 form yet


When market is happy, we need to take some profit to become happy :laughing:


Sold my SHOP at 110.25.


IMO, excellent, you are doing great !


Market timing is difficult. I needed to take some cash off the table as we move into the holidays and see if there are other bargains in the last round of tax loss selling.


True, I follow some simple concept, one of them is just take some profit when market is full swing ! I have sold appx 10% of my investments to book profit and set aside cash.

Buffet statement “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”. This simply works :joy::wink:


Who is using options?

That is bad!

I will explain later. :rofl:


Pick a moving average that fits your time horizon and use that as a stop. It’s not perfect, but it adds discipline to decision making.

I cut TWLO today. I’ll wait for a big selloff day and redeploy the money across the other 4 small caps: VEEV, NTNX, UBNT, and SHOP


Market kept shooting up… big jump again today… this is total euphoria…