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Should Value Investors Pick Synaptics Incorporated (SYNA) Stock?

Synaptics Jumps 5%: Fingerprint Sensor Nears Mass Production, Says KeyBanc

Synaptics’ Turnaround Is Here to Stay

The company is supplying fingerprint sensors to likes of Huawei, Samsung, and other top-tier smartphone OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Synaptics is preparing to tap the next big trend of edge-to-edge smartphone displays. This will open up a big opportunity for the company as this trend will push shipments of the touch and display driver integration (TDDI) chips,
Synaptics’ Internet of Things (IoT) business supplied 14% of its revenue last quarter, but the company expects it to account for 24% of the top line in the current quarter.


They make more money charging margin interests.


This is one of my strategies, from 13F reading on his buy part, Buffet normally do not sell, but that is my trick.

BTW: IRBT is on sale today, some parties are dropping it madly



None can beat Bitcoin, $1000 invested in 2010 gives us 100 Million !


NTNX is on fire. I added a 4th position to my long calls with Jan expiration. I limit myself to 5 at a time, so there’s only room for 1 more.


I screwed up. Sold the Apr calls when it hits the resistance and have covered calls at $25. Limited my gains :disappointed_relieved: Also sold my SPLK. Those (such as SPLK) I sold shot past resistance, those (such as SHOP) I am holding got rejected at resistance. I’m very pissed :rage:


You are doing the exact opposite of what you should’ve been doing, which is buy and hold long term. After all that was how you secured your future with Apple. Right now you are just gambling with your play money for fun… ok well enjoy that roulette… I know I did every time when I was in Vegas… :rofl:


Boys just want to have fun. If want to make money safely, just long F10 stocks or calls. That would be boring, nothing to do every day. Jumping on a trampoline is fun.


I hate options as it is tough for me to work with time dimension. My best is to buy, hold until profit, sell partially to book profit, hold rest.

Today, just got IRBT, but at low ! Half of what I bought will be sold when it is profitable (IRA no tax issue now).


You have twice the gambling mentality as @hanera… you might be able to subsist on day trading for the rest of your life… anyhow I think @hanera has met his match… :rofl:


Me? If it is me, It is ok as I know what I am doing !


If you go into the money far enough, then the time cost becomes near zero. Then it’s similar to owning the stock at a lower price. I usually go 2-4 months out on the options.


Time cost is near zero for short term, but for highly volatile stocks, there’s still some premium on there.

Either way, options are a great way to “leverage momentum”, but that’s also a double edged sword.


I tend to buy some boring stocks that recently dropped. Recently I picked COSTCO, around august (but would be fine if i did july as well). It dropped very hard after amazon - whole foods deal. I thought Costco was a good bet. got in. doubled about 40->80K. planning to sell some after another 4-5% gain on the stock price, maybe.
Got into SHOP after the drop, but didn’t know a lot about the company, quit.
Got into NVDA to catch momentum, I might have tripled some solid amount.
Got into FB doubled some.

Granted, all of this was possible because of ever rising market. I am cautious though, tend to find drops before going in, and not putting all eggs into same basket. Also leave some amount of cash. At some point, i will buy a sunnyvale house with it, i already have enough (for 2 down payments)


Nooo!!! Don’t waste your hard-earned stock money on a house… :scream:


I like me some tangible asset. I also know myself - this money did come easy, and could go anytime, especially if the political climate changes (dangers of options). So i see house as a diversification (however expensive current prices are)


Also - i am self-conscious. If someone as new as me is making good money, then maybe it’s time to get out of the market (i remember reading someone saying he got out of 2008 bubble before it popped when a taxi driver was giving him stock tips). Now, I am no taxi driver, but i can’t also say i am proficient in all things stock/bond/financial markets.


If stocks drop so would the value of real estate… all assets decline in unison when a bubble deflates…


It does, but house also has the implied leverage at cheap interest. and hot areas like in california sees less of a decline, too. I am not saying bay area can’t become the next detroit, it certainly can, but i am not entirely sure.
Again, it’s more of a diversification. I already get good amount of stocks and cash from my day job, which i am also trying to diversify into my own business but that’s another story.