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if SQ drops to mid-30s ill think of biting. A bit too expensive for me now.


SQ dropped more than 10% today. Yes, I remember people are pulling down like this in year 1999-2000, SQ & SHOP, one by one when the price is skyrocketed without any real progress. SQ hiked unreasonably like BTC until now, dropping it. But, this is a good drop.




SQ bounced today. Should have sold puts on it.


I still do not know MOMO business and the growth, economic issues with China. If we foresee, good future for this company, MOMO seems to be right buy now I

Here is the reason from Motley Fool.

Shares of Momo Inc. (NASDAQ: MOMO) were down 16.9% on Tuesday despite better-than-expected quarterly results from the Chinese social networking platform.

More specifically, Momo’s third-quarter revenue climbed 126% year over year to $354.5 million, primarily driven by a 179% increase in live video service revenue to $302.6 million. That translated to adjusted net income (attributable to Momo) of $93.8 million, or $0.45 per diluted American depositary share (ADS), up from $49.5 million, or $0.24 per share in the same year-ago period.

Both the top and bottom lines were well ahead of investors’ expectations for adjusted earnings of $0.38 per ADS on revenue of $339.3 million.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time Momo has plunged after posting strong results. As fellow Fool Rick Munarriz pointed out a few days ago, Momo stock fell on earnings day in three of its past four quarters leading up to today’s report, despite easily crushing expectations each time

For the fourth quarter, Momo sees revenue arriving at between $370 million and $385 million, good for year-over-year growth of 50% to 56%. Analysts, on average, were modeling revenue above the midpoint of that range at $382.1 million.

Combining that relative guidance shortfall with the fact that Momo stock is still up more than 40% so far this year at least partly explains Momo’s decline today – though it also ignores the company’s propensity for underpromising and overdelivering.

All told, this was another great quarter from Momo as its platform continues to gain steam. And I think long-term investors have nothing to worry about.


Should we trust stocks that MF is pumping?


I honestly don’t follow them enough to know one way or the other. They claim their rule breakers beats the market. IBD claims their 50 beat it too, but who’s going to buy all 50 and constantly rotate them as they change the list? I think both can present useful ideas, but you need to do your own research as well.


If we are novice (or if we do not like to face stock challenges, which I often think now), buy, hold forever like our real estate, we can believe in Mutual funds.

I reviewed at least five relatives/friends (they trust me and show their broker pages) account, analyzed the given Mutual funds, suggested investments. Almost all of them earned 20% to 25% so far, while I am lagging behind at 21%.

So far,this year, I see Mutual funds such as HACAX, FDGRX, FSPTX, FSRPX and FBSOX are making great progress, but do not know how long they are running better.

Last one month, I have set side a portion of my money to same mutual funds. Now, I see some value in using Mutual Funds, Select the Mutual Funds, buy or add, hold forever, it is growing slow and steady. Based on my experience, I can trust the top 10 picks of my selected mutual funds as long as MF is doing great.

This will only give list of stocks, buying those at correct value point needs lot of reading and research. If you read some value investing books, you may probably get some more strength. IMO, Mutual Fund managers are making better educated purchases…etc. How much we can trust depends on the funds and the track record…etc.


i bought some calls to make up for some of my losses. I am hoping for another one, otherwise might buy more if it drops.


Shopify Stock Sets Off Preliminary Short Sale Signal

Shopify reversed at the .786 Fibonacci sell-off retracement level on Monday, while OBV continues to struggle near 2017 lows. This potently bearish combination could generate a major decline in the coming weeks, dropping the stock back toward fourth quarter lows near $90.

Tech stocks are pretty red yesterday and today.


The market is going higher though. It’s sector rotation. Financials appear to the big winner. Tech and utilities are the only two sectors that are red. There’s been quit a few calls that semis are at the top recently. That tells me they aren’t at the top yet.



I added some SHOP and VEEV yesterday. I had the TWLO money to reallocate.


Excellent, I added few SHOP, PYPL, NVDA, …etc


I got out of some dogs - AMC, RAD on the big pop in those last 2 days. Not biting on anything yet.


Why Did Investors Dump Momo After Its Earnings Beat?

The bad news is that Momo’s 126% sales growth during the quarter marked its slowest growth in six quarters. Its guidance for 50% to 56% growth to close out the year also strongly indicates that its growth has peaked.
Momo stock won’t truly bottom out until the company can demonstrate that its growth is more sustainable than it currently appears.



Bought 100 shares for a trade.



GTC BTO calls at 78.6%


Can I unsold my AMBA?