Next 10x Stock Winner


Watch out, Dec 12-13 FED will increase 0.25 rate, it is expected. I just sold some stocks today keep it in cash position, profit taking, in case market falls ! Sometimes market react opposite, go up after the FED rate hike !


I think it only moves if the rate hike is unexpected. It’s expected, so it’s a non-event.



When Apple bought SIRI, I thought Apple would go big in voice search. Nothing of that happened. I have no data but believe AMZN and GOOG could have poached most of these SWEs at very high pay. Anyhoo… GS is pumping voice :grinning: Hopefully SYNA is a big winner :rofl:


SHOP technical indicator does not speak good. This indicator tells it is bound to go down.I would like to book some profit I have now.



Is the volume consistent with a H&S?
Why is Sep-now not considered as a triangle?


It is finviz calculator, I do not know how they made it.


Rumor about soft bank acquiring IRBT has started its round again.
AMZN is also said to be interested.
Anyone has solid evidence?


You’re asking for insider info. Even if someone knew, they couldn’t tell you. I don’t know anything.


FNSR leaps up nearly 30%, thought LITE is a better bet.


AAPL made some sort of investment. I didn’t read the details.


Santa Claus rally or tax reform rally?


BAT 14.2%
Small cap 10.3%

I’m holding onto VEEV.

Debating that article @Jil posted on leverage and ideal amount. Thinking about some deep in the money SPY calls with Jan, 19 expiration.


SHOP is trying to break out of the wedge to the upside. This could be a critical week for it.


UBNT is touching the upper channel, sold 200 shares, holding 2 leaps calls $50.

SHOP holding appreciates much higher than the rest of my counters.


Someone covered a short position of 42,000 UBNT shares this morning. If the shorts start to give in, then it’s going higher fast.


Bought 3 Mar calls for a trade to 200-day SMA.


Bought 7 Dec calls for a bet that it would at least challenge upper channel soon.
Owned 300 shares and 1 Leaps call.


I have my IB account setup so short sellers can borrow my shares. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet given I own UBNT and SHOP. I wouldn’t mind getting paid the extra interest for owning the shares.


A Tiger Cub Bites Into SHOP
Shorting won’t come till touching upper channel, I hope :slight_smile: need to close the dec calls :hugs:

UBNT, awaiting for Andrew to re-issue scam alert to buy back the 200 shares sold :grinning:


My nervousness with UBNT is one of the Grizzlies minority owners triggered the buy/sell cause. That gives Pera 90 days to negotiate a buyout which ends in January. If they can’t agree on price, then the minority owner names a team valuation. Then Pera gets 60 days to decide to buy him out at that valuation or sell at the same valuation. I’m pretty sure he’d have to sell some of his UBNT to buyout the other minority owner. Who knows what sort of loans are available at that level, so maybe he wouldn’t have to sell stock.

Pera owns 25% and there are two minority owners that own 14%. At a $1B evaluation, he’d have to pay $140M to buyout one and maybe $280M to buyout both minority owners. I guess UBNT is up so much, he’d only have to sell 7% of his stake which would mean he’d still own 65% which is still an easy voting majority. The risk is probably smaller than I thought. It was a lot bigger back when the stock was in the $40 range.