Next 10x Stock Winner


i made decent in cryptoshit :slight_smile: but haven’t cashed out heh! not a janitor, though.

I am planning to get off of nvidia, even though i keep hearing it’s still hard to find any gpu for sale - they sell out immediately, which is probably bullish. I still tihnk it’s good company, but i have better stuff i think to invest in.


Shitcoins are ok if you are just gambling. But going for a home run to retire at 30 will be a financial tsunami that will be hard on young investors that have already been traumatized by the great recession


Now that intel is 230B nvidia’s runway just gets longer. Bullish.


i guess that’s fair point, but part of nvidia’s valuation is built on cryptocurrencies. I cannot guess exactly what’d happen to nvidia stock if bitcoin crashes.


Don’t you think it would only crash if the entire stock market crash?
Or you think a bitcoin crash won’t coincide with stock market crash? If so, please share your thought :slight_smile:
Read a recent article (too lazy to search again) that many retail investors (newly open accounts) are jumping in.


If stock market crashes, bitcoin is likely to crash, but it might also go the other way where people buy into bitcoin to escape the crash. Cant’ say.

However, bitcoin has other reasons to crash. Government raid on exchanges, regulations by governments, tether failing miserably as it should are some reasons it could drop > 50% (my personal uneducated guess is 80-90%).


Bitcoin is doomed. All the crypto fans are moving on. I see this as everyone looking for the latest hot stock. Once one has had its run like bitcoin it will be left in the dustbin of history. Key is find the latest fad ride it hard and drop it fast… kind of like flipping houses in crappy neighborhoods


Stock promotion: I am thinking of cashing out from crypto and putting it into JD, BA, FB.



“Bitfinex has repeatedly promised investors it would produce a full audit of its books to prove it has US dollars on deposit to calm fears, but no audit has taken place.

Over the weekend, Bitfinex confirmed speculation it had severed ties with its auditor, Friedman LLP, which had earlier scrubbed all references to Bitfinex from its website. “We confirm that the relationship with Friedman is dissolved,” a spokesman told industry website CoinDesk.”

That seems legit. I’m sure there’s no reason to worry.


I have been warning people about tether for a looong time :slight_smile:


My guesstimate is that the market will continue up through Q1 2019 driven by improved EPS from the tax cuts. It’s a WAG what’s going to happen once the effects of the tax cuts wear off for favorable year over year compares. Unless the corporate cuts drive sufficient investment to keep this thing going, I expect we are likely to stall out in 2019 and be in a recession by end 2019 or 2020.


The corporate tax cuts are genius. It’s allowing companies to increase pay without increasing prices or cutting costs elsewhere. That means we won’t get the normal inflation from the increased wages.

Increasing wages without inflation is a true increase in the standard of living. It’s what most people miss about why minimum wage increases don’t increase the standard of living. There’s no cost offset for the business, so they have to increase prices. Inflation eats up the wage increase. The tax cut makes it so companies have another expense decreasing.


Cybersecurity stocks, PANW and SPLK, are showing relative strength.
Is critical to growth of IoT (UBNT, IRBT), cloud computing (NTNX) and e-commerce (SHOP, VEEV).
Not low enough for me to BTFD these cybersecurity stocks.

07 PM


SPLK and PANW didn’t even tough 50-day SMA!


UBNT and SHOP didn’t touch 50-day SMA too.
Thinking aloud: May be UBNT, SHOP, PANW and SPLK are worth accumulating if it touches 50-day SMA :thinking: Best to wait until their earnings are over.



Too many counters, didn’t realize today is BTFD for NTNX. AH up 4.07%.
Hopefully still can buy since futures is red.


ZEN was in the original list. They are now cash flow positive, and it’s been heading higher. I might need to take a look again.

Brinks popped on my negative stock screen. That’s interesting. It makes sense if society is going more and more cashless with electronic payments, then why do we need armored trucks transferring cash around?


Thought tax reform is good for small cap but end up is bad for small cap making profit.