Next 10x Stock Winner


Fully invested: VEEV, PANW, MU, IRBT
More than 50%: UBNT, NTNX
Under invested: SPLK, SHOP

Distraction: SQ, OLED


Sell some AAPL and buy more. Obey your FOMO!! :smiling_imp:


Did you?


I went full FOMO and opened positions on MDB, NTNX and FIVE. :smile:


Half FOMO. Grab enough SPLK to reach fully invested.

Fully invested: VEEV, PANW, MU, IRBT, SPLK
More than 50%: UBNT, NTNX
Under invested: SHOP

Next have to decide to add to NTNX or SHOP :thinking:

Need to ride the momentum… into Apr.


Sq will go up long run, but i think todays spike was bogus. They say cryptocurrency related, and i think blockchain hype burned so many stocks…


Roundabout way to say you have sold? No need for rationalization. I believe we make decision first then rationalize the decision, so I really don’t care about the reasons for selling :grinning:


i did not sell, but i am expecting a large drop soon. I will hold though.



Falling chainsaws. Watch out for your fingers.


Yup - i concluded it will drop soon :slight_smile: but not sure how soon.


One of my picks from last week Stitchfix is also up 13.5% today!


Oh man!


Actually are you a user of stitch fix? What’s the user experience like?


I’m not a user myself but I have friends who are and seem to like it.


Breakout continues…



Sell ‘em?
FOMOed bought 250 NTNX shares… the world is crazy about anything cloud… blindly follow… so probably goes up, retest, goes up… earning is over so unless Andrew strikes… nothing to rock the boat.


It’s gotten insane. At this point, I’m waiting for a little pullback to add. I may do some momentum options trades.


Kind of parabolic :slight_smile: Panic buying :slight_smile: FOMO buying :grin: Should be ok, given that the run is likely to last for a month :rofl: before another consolidation.
Before the buy, I have 1000 NTNX shares with 5 covered calls at $40. Delta 580.
With the purchase of 250, 1250 NTNX shares with 5 covered calls at $40. Delta 830.
My target is 1100 delta. So still short of 270 delta. If pullback, would buyback covered calls, delta = 1250 :slight_smile: slightly above target.


Caught manch’s bug, went full FOMO today (one day later than manch) like everyone else in the market, when people are greedy, be more greedy, be more piggish, ready to eat the tiger. 扮猪吃老虎 :tiger:

Fully invested: VEEV, PANW, MU, IRBT, SPLK, NTNX, SHOP, UBNT :hugs: