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I was doing some “recent ipo” checks to see what seemed to have dropped significantly or risen significantly. I found something called: Greentree hospitality. IPO price was 14$, and current price is 10.8, down >20%. Total market cap is ~1.1B. Not sexy tech stock, but seemed to have some growth in the horizon. Hilton has 21PE, so does this guy, it’s as if the growth is not fully factored in? Granted, I am still learning how to read into stocks, and i haven’t read their financial statements, but maybe someone who knows about it could shed a light?


Citron really know when to tweet, exactly at the point of resistance (touches the upper channel) that I ask whether to “sell or hold”,

But what is the news that cause today’s significant decline?

Technically, I do see the possibility of it declining to $90s…


Bloomberg: Amazon secretly working on domestic robots

Is goodbye to IRBT finally.


It’s hard to take Citron seriously at this point. Every shipping company offers discounts if you buy in bulk. Businesses never pay the retail rates that individuals pay.


I don’t see financials for them on yahoo.


Use it as an opportunity to load up more.


They ipo’d recently.


That’s too recent for me. I like to wait at least 6 months and see 2 quarters reported.


Setting up a reminder.


@manch if you’re bullish on AMZN then you should be bullish on SHOP.

“2. It survived significant competition
In the realm of e-commerce, there’s no bigger competition than, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). In its early days, Shopify’s platform, which makes it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses to set up and run an online store, competed directly with the tech behemoth. Amazon’s Webstore platform provided the same service as Shopify. Amazon eventually ceded the business, shuttering its own platform. It even made Shopify a preferred provider and ported its existing customers over to its smaller rival. Shopify still supports merchants doing business on Amazon’s e-commerce site.”


I will consider Shopify when 5 people tell me they buy from sites powered by Shopify. Shopify is a good takeover target for Facebook though, if it decided to make a go at e-commerce.


To expand a little bit more on Facebook and e-commerce, many companies now only have Facebook pages but not websites. That makes sense if you think about it. If Facebook is where most of their traffic comes from why bother? Plus Facebook page is live in the sense it can interact with current or potential customers.

To go one step further, why not let shops sell on their Facebook page directly? Why bother setting up a separate web store which tech illiterate owners have to maintain? If Facebook handles payment as well it can lend an extra aura of reliability. People feel good about buying stuff from amazon’s third party sellers because they trust amazon. Facebook can be a similar trusted middleman.

Facebook could be the one company that can compete with amazon in digital retail. But Facebook is already growing like a weed, with tons of untapped potential in video and WhatsApp. It probably doesn’t want to distract itself with a fight against amazon.


This guy doesnt like shopify alright. Your argument makes sense, though, but i also wouldnt go against bezos. That is what you defend all the time, no?


His argument was don’t bet against Bezos. Shopify is a partner of Amazon, so it’s a bet on Bezos. Now the counter argument pivoted to another one.


Amazon partners with businesses like a virus “partners” with its host. Only one benefits from the partnership. Guess which one.


Ok. Square is getting into Shopify’s space now. I really need to look into square more.


You want to bet on a part-time CEO? It’d be pretty powerful if they merged. I have no idea how compatible their tech stack is, but they could so some crazy stuff.


I am not a fan of jack that’s why I didnt put money on square. I like this move though combining online and offline. I need to look at square more.


Me neither. With his companies not doing well for an extended period of time, it is strange to me that he is given so much control. Someone who was anything other than a Silicon Valley founder/ceo archetype could never have gotten away with it. That’s why I like investing in companies with CEOs that have non-typical backgrounds, like Katrina Lake at Stitchfix.