Next Big Things in Tech

Is it me or are these not that big??

How is wearables growing? Most of the companies have declining revenue.

Wearables are all about Apple, and to a lesser extent Fitbit. But the watch is too small a screen, so it’s always going to be an accessory only.

There aren’t many compelling reasons to upgrade an iPhone. I see many people rocking older generations, some even with broken screens. We are at the last third of the S curve. Upgrade cycle is getting longer and longer. I am not sure niche products like the Watch will compensate for the slower iPhone upgrade cycle. Apple stock performance may not be well in the next couple years.

That’s why Apple needs to buy Tesla and start selling iCars.

They are all powered by Machine Learning / AI, and that powers all these vertical. That’s the next big wave, we just finished talking about how AI Drone is so cool over lunch :slight_smile:


AI is the enabling layer, like the web 20 years ago. We should see some new companies emerge from this new wave. Hopefully it’s not the same old guys from 20 years ago…

Apple’s A11 has a “neural engine”, so it’s doing the model training on device. That’s very interesting, but other chipmakers like Huawei are also doing the same. Do people still think NVDA has the monopoly on the AI-chip market? Or we will see more specialized silicon like the A11 and the Google chip eat into the NVDA dominance?

Own some AMBA to ride this trend.

Oh yea? Are they doing some cool stuff? Need to look for some new stocks to hold.
That article is not new but have addressed to your very question I think.
It is kind of scary to see what Google AlphaGo Zero achieved with only 4 TPUs. The monster is advancing so fast to the point that making long term investment is almost impossible…

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Good summary of the different players. Thanks @ed-lo.

The AlphaGo Zero news is exciting and maybe a little bit unsettling. TPU only works for tensorflow if I am not mistaken. So the question to ask is whether the industry is settling on tensorflow as default? Google seems to think so and is doing all it can to make that happen.

I recently bought some Micron shares as an opener for my AI protfolio. I have no idea how the google/Amazon/nvidia fight will shake out. Nvidia is too expensive for me anyway. An interesting player maybe the good old intel. It has spent vast sums of money to buy into that space. Their intent is clear. Only question is their execution which has not been stellar of late.

Do you guys good at high tech think that there’s somebody, or a group of techies working in a basement inventing the new thingy ala Facebook or the first computer? Something that can change both the way tech companies hire workers by the thousands or the way we navigate the internet?

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PM the company name. Thanks a million.

All the big tech companies are racing to be the “AWS” of ML. What AWS did for web hosting, google wants to do for ML. Google hit a home run with the TPU – how long can they keep their edge? Google, Microsoft and Amazon are all chasing this prize.

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