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Facebook Oculus
Amazon Echo Frames
Microsoft Hololens
Snapchat Spectacles

Apple has no glasses product?

For guys that don’t wear glasses, care to wear one for AR/VR?

Facebook’s plan for our post-web future
Let us connect some dots. Five years ago, Facebook acquired VR pioneers Oculusfor $2 billion. This week, it snapped up neural-interface pioneers CTRL-Labsfor somewhere north of $500 million, and announced that its own massivelymultiplayer VR shared universe Horizon will launch early next year.Oculus became (somewhat creepily named) Facebook Reality Labs, headed byAndrew Bosworth, one of the company’s first 15 engineers, who also headed thecompany’s transition from desktop to mobile advertising.

Read in TechCrunch: Facebook's plan for our post-web future

What’s the working principle of the Amazon glasses? They say, they have Alexa integrated but how does it get information of the surrounding environment without a camera?
But I have to laugh about the Amazons comment about the other glasses: “They want to get Alexa in front of as many people as possible,” Boland said. It’s a “smart starting point,” he said, and a way to ease people into a new market, rather than giving them “bulky glasses, geeky things nobody wants to put on their face, with privacy issues with cameras.”

The last part about the privacy issue is a joke…Alexa is invading the privacy and data protection since it is on the market.