Next Door - Interesting changes

I get tired of people posting these type of posts all the time too - everyone who is a minority is suspicious in Pleasanton / any affluent area…

“In a pilot project running in select neighborhoods across the U.S., the company has altered the rules for posting. When a user goes to post about a crime or suspicious activity, in the Crime & Safety section, a new form requires two physical descriptors — e.g. Nike sneakers, blue jeans, crew cut, brunette — if the user chooses to include the race of the person.”


I appreciate the changes. My old neighborhood in Mt View was horrible about suspicious skin color postings and calling the cops on people minding their own business walking down the street. It pissed me off.

This is getting ridiculous. This is getting so they can scrub race from crime data to hide the truth.

People on Next Door aren’t reporting crimes. They are just exchanging surveillance notes on “suspected” criminals. Think “Minority Report”, literally.

In my old SJ hood, people took notes on license plate numbers too. I am not aware of any crime being stopped by these people though. Frankly reading too many ND posts makes me nervous, like I was surrounded by criminals. I stop reading them after a while. Anyone made new friends thru Next Door?

Anyone made new friends thru Next Door?

No friends but we found an amazing babysitter…

The change doesn’t block people from posting but forces them to be a little more detailed in their observations, and why not? Those are really basic descriptions. Except the shoe brand- Nike might not like that. A picture of the person engaged in the the suspicious activity would be worth a thousand words.

And how effective is it in reducing crime anyway?

I’m on Next Door in two locations.

What started out as a way to communicate with my neighbors and try and affect a block party has turned into a “I can’t believe how ignorant people are” situation for me. And, I really can’t believe it. Facts and reason are in short supply. Emotions and feelings are the justification for all sorts of outbursts.

One of the latest diatribes on my Vallejo NextDoor was started when someone complained that we didn’t have a Whole Foods or a Pete’s Coffee in Vallejo. That jumped to people demanding that the City Council locate one there.

No matter how politely I tried to point out that City Councils have nothing to do with locating private businesses in a jurisdiction but demographics did including providing links to City Data and the U.S. Census bureau, it went downhill from there.

I dropped out when one poster after thirty or forty back and forth said we needed to get together to pressure city council to build a Whole Foods market in Vallejo. You can lead a horse to water but…:confounded:

Another one, that we are all too familiar with was demands that the local elementary school provide more parking for parents chauffeuring their children to school so they would quit parking in the no parking zones on the adjacent streets. I made the mistake of trying to correct their insane obsession with no allowing their kids to walk or bicycle to school. We all know how that turns out. After all, there’s a crazed kidnapper behind every bush and no rational parent would allow their kids to walk in a suburban area like this. One only needs to read the paper and all that…

Geesh. There is no hope for this great country I swear. We’re doomed! The ignorant masses will pull us down yet.

Oh, by the way. I have a lot more fun over here with you guys. Not because you agree with me. But because there is at least some semblance of thought and critical thinking. Even when you blast me. Kudos to you all! :slight_smile:

No Whole Foods in Vallejo? How can you guys live??? Oh my God!!

I was wandering in the Campbell Whole Foods yesterday afternoon. Now they have a sister store called “Whole Body” right next door. It’s really a section of the original Whole Food rather than a whole new store. There you can find overpriced organic baby clothes and “homeopathic” voodoo meds. Some of the shoppers in Whole Food look pretty attractive though. I made a mental note to spend more time in Whole Foods. It makes me feel upper middle class… :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough manch, one of the pundits pointed out that the same neighbors who were clamoring for a WF were the same ones who complained about the high prices at Safeway and Raleys.

Maybe they really don’t know Whole Foods at all? :wink: