Next Generation Social Networking Platforms

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SNAP :slight_smile: Buy?

TikTok, buy when IPO?

Tiktok is the real deal.

Don’t understand Snap at all. But Cathie Wood seems to like it.

She front run :exploding_head: me on WORK.

Speaking of… What’d people think of the Twitch streamed Among Us game between AOC and I. Omar?

All I can think is that we’ve got a bunch of juveniles in Congress.

AFAIK, AMZN bought Twitch. ESport is a phenomenon.

Heard people said the AOC gaming event was the most effective GOTV event for young people this cycle. Young people don’t watch old fashioned sports as much as esports nowadays I think?

The oldest millennials are turning 40 this year. We are dinosaurs.

We’re not the family to ask as we don’t watch sports at all, but my experience from previous non-nerd school was that most kids played multiple sports and were major sports fans of normal sports teams. Wear your favorite team jersey day was quite popular. I don’t see these kids watching AOC on Twitch. Then again, they’re not old enough to vote.