NFLX Rocks again with record results, 8% up after Market



You are right again… You know, I am not a stock person but even I recall the last few times Netflix was down (I guess it was when it tried to increase pricing and the marketplace hammered the stock and owner) and came back even stronger with increased worldwide subs. The thing is, I am not a user of Netflix, so I personally don’t see the value it brings (which it obviously does for many folks). I guess I snoozed and I lost again on this one…

Netflix is another company like Tesla or Amazon, never shows profit, but grows big and bigger. Current Netflix expansion is related to overseas account in 2016, 3/4th of customer expansion from overseas, meaning exports.

When it dropped to 86.5, I bought, but sold at 96 thinking it was peak, should have kept the stocks as such.

Current hot stocks:


Pick one, sfdragonboy. Don’t bother with business model or what’s not. Hot is hot. Follow the crowd.

You are right, @hanera. I would rather pick one of these than a chinese restaurant…

I follow 3 of those in my portfolio. But haven’t been on NVDA, I should look into it.

Add GOOGL, AAPL and FB. We just need to invest in right time, keep it go…

This is beauty of tech stocks and why SF-SJC area real estate is getting wild !

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Out of AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL, FB, NVDA, NFLX, TSLA… only have AAPL (hold for ever shares for dividends) and NVDA (some calls). This year resolution is to look for opportunities to trade options for the other six since they change so much making trading options very profitable. Last year make a killing trading LQMT and CRUS… mostly shares. All these trading are done in a Mad Money account i.e. willing to lose all the capital. I think after the sell the news, first year of Trump should be bullish for stocks.

Another account holding dividend paying stocks (other than AAPL), boring stocks, hardly look at them. Just for collecting dividends. All those usual widow stocks like PG, JNJ, T, VZ, PCG, WM…

Another account for index funds. Almost forgot I have this. Passively making money… lot of money.

God, maybe if I actually make some money (on paper) I could host a shin-dig at our Fearless Leader’s fav spot in San Jose…:grin:

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Didn’t even know we have this VIP club of some sort.

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I did not know the details. I looked for some good category for stock. Since none was available, I just posted at Lounge. It may be mistake.

Changed to Tech !

Thanks for pointing.

Since you are holding AAPL for a longer time, your yield (cash flow) is pretty good status. But for new buyers of AAPL, yield is less.

NFLX, TSLA and AMZN are aggressive and they do not conform normal P/L or Balance sheet…etc.

In general, a person/investor just follows these seven companies alone and invest (or even speculate), they can make excellent money.

We do not need a world of 20000 stocks tickers, but exclusively we can limit at just 7 companies to gain/grow.

Just buy these companies (like bay area real estate) when these companies are dipping low.

These are just seven wonders of tech world !

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Ever since Apple starts paying dividends, I’m laughing to the bank. Every year, dividends received are more than initial capital, very happy camper.

Looking through past charts, this simple strategy works. However, for shares only, options would be hard to do.

This is for growth. Just 7 is not to break our head with so many stocks, but to look at local STARS.

If you like yield (Every year, dividends received are more than initial capital), it is even harder to know upfront 5 to 10 years ahead of yield. Dividend gamer are different and very tech local company pays dividend.

Speaking of NFLX… any concerns??? Boy, I guess those self produced shows better not suck…

Tech is on fire. We don’t even talk about CSCO, and it’s up 38% in the last 12 months. MSFT is boring but up 45% (more than Alphabet). IBM is the only dud.

Company Market cap 12-mo performance
Apple $907.8 bln 48%
Alphabet $794.5 bln 40%
Microsoft $694.3 bln 45%
Amazon $623.8 bln 63%
Facebook $526.8 bln 45%
Intel $209.8 bln 24%
Oracle $209.4 bln 27%
Cisco $204.1 bln 38%
IBM $150.3 bln -4.9%
Nvidia $139.4 bln 124%

Is trump good for tech or non-tech? Or the same?