Nice, But Let's Revisit Rent Control, Supreme Court

No. Repeal of Costa Hawkins has to be defeated.

Trump now gets chance to pick another superme court justice, but Kennedy was a moderate conservative anyway so it won’t cause too much change. I guess none of the liberal justices will retire before 2024 unless Mother Nature calls them :rofl:

Conservatives will have to tie the repeal up in court. Just like liberals have used the courts to their advantage since WW2. The Roosevelt’s legacy of liberal judges is finally over.

That’s the thing, he was a swing vote. He was a wild card. Now, there will be no wild card…

Ginsburg won’t make it to 2020

Kennedy is only liberal on social issues like same sex marriage etc. He’s conservative on economic issues such as rent control.

Not conservative enough . Rent control was allowed as an emergency in WW2. Rationing in effect. All other rationing was eliminated after the war. Rent control has been stinking up the place ever since.

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Hope multiple conservative justices can be appointed to strike down rent control at the high court. That will save America. Save California.

My 75 year old friend just found his WW2 ration cards. He was a baby. They are an ancient relic. Why isn’t rent control?

Again, how is this possibly fair, Supreme Court???

That’s insane some government entity gets to decide how much rents increase.

Ok, maybe one good thing from Trump…

This is our chance!!!

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Can’t wait. Rent control is basically theft. The taking of property without compensation… and the main cause of housing unavailability

Ok, Sept 26 is a big, big day!!!

Tomorrow is the big day…


New York’s rent laws are a gross violation of property rights

Being a landlord is great except for the 3 Ts taxes toilets and tenants… my best investment ever was self storage… tenants have no rights… toilets are minor and taxes don’t go up much in California

Well, this is as good as a chance as we will ever get (perhaps in our lifetime).

All I ever asked was fairness. Nothing more, nothing less.