Nice Mission Dolores SFH Sells For Highest Price To Date

Another nice one to take design features from in the future…

I see you, Manch and wuqijun are focused on SF side.
Do you go in person to look at every time?
Is there any specific reason, like profitability or any other reasons, for SF?

I think its like big players, big bets…
I may sit myself at a 10$ blackjack table if I get a bonus at work else I might just sit at a 5$ table.
Maybe same logic? not sure.

Well, can’t speak for them but I am personally based in SF (live and work). I am not really in the market right now, but I will go to open houses near my home in the Sunset if free and if I happen to know the agent. Sometimes, my agent buddies are bored and ask me to come by and shoot the breeze at their listings. Obviously, the south bay cities are nice in their own right but let’s be honest SF is not the fab 7x7 for nothing. It clearly is heading in the direction of being like Manhattan very soon.

Cool, We have representative in Sunset Area ! I will closely watch your input about sunset location !

I do not know anything about SF, but whenever I walk near by Coit Tower or Lambard Street, I envy those residents ! But, it is beyond my level.

Hey, you are shortchanging me! I have my eyes all over Bay Area, plus I also checked on the area around my rentals outside of BA.

Right now I am monitoring SF, Millbrae, Burlingame, Milpitas, Downtown SJ, Evergreen SJ, Union City, San Leandro/Oakland…

BTW Burlingame’s gain is freaking crazy. Even the ones east of El Camino is 1.5M+. Anybody looking there?

Oops, my bad !

What? You mean the Queen of REITs does not know anything about SF real estate??? Say it ain’t so…

My focus was within Santa Clara County only. All my homes are here in SCC.

After my son got a job in San Mateo, I started looking at that place.