No collusion with Russia

It must have been painful for NYT to publish that.


Seems that all this saga started by McCain, it has nothing to do with Democrats. Trump’s worst enemy was McCain, not the Democrats.

Did McCain do this for personal gain or grievances? I think McCain should be mature enough to put his personal interest above his party.

And what’s the reason for Cohen’s actions?

Usually the worst damage is done by the people from your own side. Plus, Trump was a Democrat for a long time.

This result probably surprises nobody. I suspect this highly anticipated news may have a smaller than expected audience.

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The good thing about this is that economy will stay on course . Anything else would have caused jitters . Status quo is good .


Bullish for market. boo yah
Futures up


Monday morning stock markets will go up

As far as obstruction, the Democrats will spend the next two years with useless House hearings. Resulting in a lost presidential election and maybe a loss of the house. What a waste of time.


It should have been priced in. Wall Street is smart ass


How many people really believed in collusion? I think many people just fake their belief and nobody was serious

This being put behind him , Trump will definitely win 2020 and we’ll be looking for the ilongest bull market in history .

Are you saying that Trump is the reason for the bull market? I can understand that Bernie and Warren will kill the bull for sure.

yes Socialists will completely kill the current bull market.

Unfortunately, primary election never comes to California

It keeps getting better.

Is he still eligible for his presidential run?

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