No more offer please -- after 4 days on the market

Fixer uper. Cash only. Too many calls. we are having more than 50 offers. The owners are reviewing and filter out. No more offer and call please. Thank you.

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People are too desperate… :slight_smile:


But list price is ridiculously low. That part of town is pretty rough though.

It’s a Vienamese person’s dream come true… walking distance to your favorite pho shop.

With this amount of activity, how can we burst the bubble in Bay Area. Even if we do, too many ppl waiting to buy with Cash and it’s going to go back up so fast.


I take it back. That part of town is not rough at all. I was thinking it’s further down south along Capitol. Yeah, I used to frequent a pho shop there. Beats any pho shops up here in SF.

No wonder activity is crazy. That’s almost Evergreen and that area is gentrifying at a very fast clip. Lots of Chinese and Vietnamese.

I love pho too

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I have seen similar listings during 2006-7 time frame also. This is ditto 2006-7 period.

Just one year before I went inside a Cupertino open house, the house was wide open, but no one else was there including the listing agent or any representative ! We were there 20 minutes, many visitors passed by, but LA was not there.