No, Not The U Word In SV

Come on, you already earn high wages and you actually work hard…:slight_smile:

That would kill it.

Tired of the rain yet?

Personally, it doesn’t seem to rain that much. We get more sun than I thought there would be.

I am wondering is it because we down here are getting all that rain that typically you all would be getting…

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Oh wow!

I am going to approach them then. I represent a labor organization…LOL

High Techies against Trump, wow! Who would have thought Indians and Chinese and else were…hmmm…liberals?

At least we can handle rain. Traffic still moves. Roads don’t get washed out by runoff. Reservoirs don’t flood. Dams aren’t breaking.

As I was saying, wow! Unions? With High Techies in them? Noooooooooooo!

It’s about time. Today’s high tech will become tomorrow’s assembly line, from every aspect of it. Good or bad, when people’s jobs are threatened, they will do something about it.

The UAW eventually ruined itself. It’s why factories were 5,000 workers per shift and are now 500. Tech is already built in China. Talent is the only thing preventing the design work from going there. Cars at least have huge shipping costs if they are built somewhere else and shipped via ocean. Hardware design and software don’t have that barrier if the work is done elsewhere.

I hope unions have learned their lessons and will be wise enough not to kill the companies they thrive on. If people are greedy enough to kill the industries many times over, we deserve to be overtaken by other countries.

The new thing on Unions is that the new ones are not the type of organizations that confront employer and employee. They give employer up to 40% lower cost of worker’s compensation compared to what they have and in return they treat their employees fairly.

I know one, where both employer and employee pay a yearly membership, and it entitles them to receive, all paid for by both or one of them medical, dental, vision, final expenses, etc. The employer gets to enjoy up to 40% lower cost of their worker’s compensation and free payroll. They just have to follow the minimum requirements from the DOL to treat their employees fairly, like providing a 2% salary increase every year, vacations, etc. All win, whoever opens the account wins.

The winter ran in Seattle is expected…Just wait for the summer rain…just enough to ruin the short summers they waited all year for …