No Stress In Bay Area Apparently

Gee, guess which city is #1 according to this survey…

Heh, it is hard to believe Bay Area is less stressful than San Diego or Honolulu.

I find it the actual article has more interesting information than sfgate’s summary:

Yes, those are definitely my top 3 places to live, Bay Area, San Diego or Honolulu.

I can see Honolulu being stressful since you are on an island and unless you have a great job it can be pretty darn expensive there I imagine with everything being shipped in.

San Diego is very high on my list even though I have only been there a couple of times. I imagine it is fairly conservative with the naval influence so I probably would like it a lot.

See, @myo, your Fremont property just like mine just went up again because we know people take these surveys very very seriously…:wink:

Yes! Dream of the investors ^^ :slight_smile:

I LOVE San Diego. I used to travel for work all the time and my wife and I was talking that it would be the place we want to live when we got sick and tired of Bay Area. But I could see myself in Hawaii as well, but I still need to visit more first :slight_smile:

I know, highly underrated. Weather pretty good year round and nice coastal areas/beaches. What is there to not like?

Yeah, Hawaii would be nice and probably doable too. I don’t think all of the areas are that expensive there. I mean, if you are used to price tags here they shouldn’t surprise you that much.

San Diego is expensive…I have friends that want to move there…Cant find a decent house over 2500 sf for rent for less than $5k/m that will allow pets

La Jolla is pretty sweet I heard. Good enough for Romney must be good enough for me… But we are talking about 1.5M+ for ordinary houses with no ocean view. It’s pretty expensive down there as well.