Nordstrom? Macy's? Forget it! Buy directly from the white house!

I know, I bet, I double my bet. No republican will respond. They know they own this miserable administration.

We are seeing corruption at the highest level in the white house as never imagined. The behind the doors meetings, calls without being recorded, specially the one Trump with his lover Putin. Dignitaries meeting Trump with a daughter beside him and having private conversations that again, are not being recorded.

The swamp was drained, but at the bottom the sea creatures came out full blast to start preparing us for the next recession. They are going to repeat history guys! Deregulation, the killing of our environment and on and on and on!

But the most insulting act to the intelligence, even of those supporting this administration, if they have blood in their veins, it’s to see KellyconAnn advertising for Ivanka Trump. A total abuse of her status, a call to put attention to conflict of interests. The white house now advertises merchandise for Trump. And Trump has been getting away from his duty as president of all Americans by texting like mad man about how unfair they treat his daughter, and how dare the judges protect the constitution.

The thin skin man can’t take it. And he was supposed to be the strongest man in the world.
Oh! 2 weeks and he is already tired, taking vacation. Wait! Better yet, golfing! And wasn’t he mocking Obama for taking a well deserve vacation and golfing?