North Bay...Tiburon? Sausalito? Thoughts?

Anyone venture to the north bay occasionally? I’ve only driven through but for us suburb dwellers, it seems ascetically much nicer than the peninsula.

Any thoughts on Tiburon? Sausalito?


IMO, Tiburon, nice place, but expensive !

Tiburon is indeed very expensive. It seems to be for Marin the only employment option is SF, and commute can be pretty tiring. With Peninsula you have access to the entire 101 corridor from SF to SJ.

Thanks. The commute does seem painful. Even 45+ mins on the ferry. Price per square foot seems better than Palo Alto/Menlo Park ($1000 vs $1300). Schools rank well. My husband has been offered a job close to the ferry biding in SF so it’s tempting…but the commute and like you said fewer job options if he wants to switch jobs later.

The other thread about AI in San Jose is interesting. The center of tech gravity has been moving northward for a decade now. The current batch of high profile unicorns are mostly in SF. Are we resetting things with AI? The nerdiest of nerds are in South Bay. Is AI pulling the center of gravity down south again?

That’s why peninsula towns like Menlo Park and Palo Alto are so valuable. Any place between SF and SJ are within reasonable drive distance.


How big is AI? Is it a hype? How many jobs and wealth will be generated in AI for BA?

AI is no hype, even though it may not be as big as mobile, or the web before that. I have no idea how big it will get. But it’s pretty clear every company will need an “AI strategy”, whatever that means. Just like every company needs to have web and mobile presence.

Another big trend is AR. More than cars I think that’s the true next big thing for Apple. Interestingly both AI and AR have a heavy hardware component that’s old school Silicon Valley, the silicon in Silicon Valley so to speak. So there is good chance the South Bay will get back some of its traditional clout.

Buying on the Peninsula can’t lose. North or south buying in the mid point always wins.


I bought nothing in the Peninsula. However, I did buy in SF and the South Bay :slight_smile:

Semiconductor was going down. Maybe AI can help a few semi companies to last longer. But it maybe just a small percentage of total revenue.

What’s going on with Nvidia and AMD? Are they the key AI chip companies? If Intel joins the party, it could become a bloody market with no profit

Here is some Sausalito RE porn for a Wednesday… sweet