North Korea Has Awoken

The parade instead featured floats and flowers as Kim chose to focus on building economic power.

Floats and flowers for Trump’s parade too?

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Need to give credit where credit’s due. Although, it might not have anything to do with Trump as the same thing might have happened if Hillary where elected.

China was getting impatient with North Korea and had joined other western countries in sanctions. Trump’s trade war reversed a large part of that. Chinese assistance flowed in again.

So yes, it’s partly due to trump.

Maybe Kim watched Crazy Rich Asians and thought he can turn North Korea into some place awesome like Singapore???

Or maybe he read this forum and saw you, and got inspired!

If he cared about anything but his own power, he would have done that by now now, wouldn’t he?

Unfortunately, the last all Asian film out of Hollywood was over 25 years ago and it was not exactly a travel tourist postcard like CRA is for Singapore…

You mean you will call the Nobel Prize committee and nominate the liar in the white house for lying? :smiley: