Not Selling. Why?


Looks like a decent house in Eureka valley. Has been sitting for over 40 days and just reduced price from 1.9 to 1.5. Granted there may be a fair bit of car noise from Market but I thought that area is hot?


Easy, no parking (garage).


Lots of old houses have no parking and still sell like hot cakes. Not convinced that’s the sole reason.


Disagree. Buyers in this price range still want a garage. How do I know? Well, a 3 unit building on our street in outskirts of Chinatown was priced reasonable. When I happened to talk to the LA to understand why it didn’t sell, he said it was the parking or lack of garages. Simple as that.


Okie. The cool kidz have been saying the future is all about Uber and self driving cars. So apparently people won’t need any garages in 20 years. Buy now and wait for price to catch up?


Come on, think about it, millennials or older at this price range, still want the freedom and flexibility of a personal car to use whenever they want. They deserve it, or at least think that way, so if no garage they will look elsewhere. They have the money to.


garage for storage, and rating 5 schools


Come on, rich hipsters and millennials don’t have kids and rich people here send them to private schools anyway. If you have money, a basic expression is still a nice car and one would want a designated place to park that nice car.


Absolutely… I wouldn’t go for anything in San Francisco without a garage…


I wouldn’t live in SF even if they paid me. Period!


Why not? Is it because of the weather??? :rofl:


Foxing fighting for a parking space. :clown_face:


Um… there’s always Uber… :wink:


From San Jose? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes… über trip from sj to sf costs you $70… :wink:


Sold $1.9m . …


So basically seller wanted more money


No overpaying? Original asking price is $1.9M?


Nov 30, 2017
Price Changed
San Francisco MLS #463568 $1,498,000 —
Oct 20, 2017
Listed (Active)
San Francisco MLS #463568 $1,895,000 —


Realtor fucked up. Went with bidding war strategy after a month… SOP SF RE… sorry but it is what it is.